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Do you want to play Candy Crush and earn money/Paytm cash?

Since you are here, you must love playing Candy Crush and are very good at it. You also must be aware that there are lots of games that can play and earn money. But you might be having difficulties to find candy crush real money games. The reason for that is the original game doesn’t have any play and earn system. And there are very few apps that offer games similar to Candy Crush that you can play and earn Paytm cash.

That’s what you will find in this article- A list of all the Candy Crush money-earning games and apps.

Candy Crush Money Earning Apps and Games

1. Sikandarji

candy crush earn money

Sikandarji is the best app for playing games for real cash. Whether it’s Ludo, Snakes and Ladders or Candy Crush or even Rummy. You have a number of choices when you are looking for real money games.

Sikandarji is a great app if you are looking for apps to play Candy Crush for real money. But it doesn’t end there. Now you can also play fantasy cricket and earn money.

After you register using the referral code you will get ₹60 bonus. You can also earn more rewards by referring friends. You can earn up to ₹500 for each invite.

Download Apk: Click here

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2. Gamezy: Candy Crush

gamezy candy crush paytm cash

Gamezy is one of the best candy crush paytm cash games right now. If you don’t know, Gamezy was launched as a fantasy sports app, but now you can play over a dozen of games and earn real money. There is a lot of games for you to pick from.

And if you want to play fantasy cricket during IPL season, you can do that as well. The minimum withdrawal amount is also quite low- ₹25. You can redeem your winnings to your bank account or Paytm wallet.

Referral Code: INF100


3. MyTeam11

myteam11 candy crush

Like Gamezy, MyTeam11 is also a great candy crush money earning app. MyTeam11 was launched and operated for many years as a fantasy sports platform. But they are also going into the real money earning games field.

Other than candy crush, there are 12 other games that you can choose from. You can play unlimited Candy Crush games for free to improve your skills, then join the paid contests. The sign up reward for new users is ₹100.

You can withdraw your winnings to your bank account or Paytm wallet. MyTeam11 also supports instant Paytm cash withdrawals.

Referral Code: M6Z0QR3PXY


4. Choco Crush

Unlike Ewar Games where you have a lot of options, Choco Crush offers only one game that resembles Candy Crush.

candy crush money earning app

During the game you will be battling with one opponent. You both get 17 moves and 30 seconds for each move. At the end of the game the player with higher points wins the money.

As a reward for using my referral code, you can get up to ₹100 bonus. ₹10 will be added when you sign up. The rest of the reward will be deposited to your account as you add money.

The choco crush app lets you withdraw your winnings to Bank account via IMPS or UPI.

Referral Code: RAKESXAW3U

Download Choco Crush App: Click here

5. WinZO Gold

candy crush money earning game

WinZO Gold also has a game that is quite similar to Candy Crush. The name of the game is Candy Match.

It is a great Candy Crush earning app where you can play against up to 4 players and earn Paytm cash. The minimum entry fee for joining the contest it just ₹2. But make sure you practice before playing for real money.

Similar to Ewar Games and Choco Crush at the end of the game the player with higher points will win the prize money. But unlike Choco Crush app, the restraint here is not of moves but of time. You and your opponents will have limited time to score as many points as possible.

On sign up you will get ₹50 and you can earn up to ₹35 for each user referred. Other than candy crush you can also play over 20 games and earn more money. Not only that you can also join BGMI, COD Mobile and Free Fire Tournaments and play fantasy cricket and Football.

The minimum amount that you can withdraw from WinZO is ₹10. Payment methods include:

  • Paytm cash
  • UPI
  • Bank transfer
winzo gold payment proof

Referral Code: HIMC2218

Candy Crush Paytm Cash App Download: App Link

Right now I could only find these 5 candy crush money-earning apps. In the future, I will add more apps when I find them. But I think, 5 is enough, if you only want to play candy crush and earn money, as other apps most likely won’t add anything unique.

The apps mentioned in this list will definitely help, you use your skills to earn real cash. If you have any questions comment below.

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