Minimum Withdrawal Fantasy App 2021

Do you want to play fantasy cricket?

But high withdrawal limits scare you?

In this post, I’m going to share with you a list of minimum withdrawal fantasy apps. Here you will find fantasy apps that have low minimum withdrawal limits.

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Top 8 Minimum Withdrawal Fantasy Apps

Fantasy AppReferral CodeMinimum Withdrawal
11 ChallengersINF100₹100
Play Time2703DC3C₹10
WinZO GoldHIMC2218₹10

1. OneTo11


OneTo11 is one of the best fantasy apps and has one of the lowest minimum withdrawal limits. The minimum amount that you need to withdraw money from OneTo11 is just ₹50.

This fantasy is developed by AdOne company. What makes OneTo11 one of the greatest fantasy apps is the feature of 11 level network income. That is also the reason why it has become some popular in such a short time. It became so popular that the company has also released a gaming app- OneTo11 Games.

Minimum Withdrawal: ₹50

Referral Code: INAA3G8E

Bonus: ₹100

Download App: Link

2. Gamezy


Gamezy is one of the oldest fantasy apps and offers instant withdrawal to Paytm and bank account. On sign up you can get up ₹100 cash bonus. You can also invite your friends and earn up to ₹5000 for each referral.

Indian Cricket KL Rahul is the brand ambassador of Gamezy fantasy app.

The minimum withdrawal amount of Gamezy is even lower than OneTo11. It is just ₹25. So you can withdraw after winning just one contest.

Minimum Withdrawal: ₹25

Referral Code: 5RRYSL

Bonus: ₹100

Download App: Link

3. 11 Challengers

11 challengers

11 Challengers fantasy app also has a low withdrawal limit. Just like Gamezy 11 challengers also lets you withdraw your earnings to bank or Paytm.

The minimum withdrawal amount of 11 Challengers fantasy app is ₹100 for bank withdrawals. For Paytm withdrawals, no KYC is required and the minimum withdrawal amount is also double- ₹200.

The thing that I like most about this app is that you can refer your friends and earn unlimited commission for every contest they join. The commission is added to your winnings.

Minimum Withdrawal: ₹100

Referral Code: INF100

Bonus: ₹100

Download App: Link

4. Sportasy

minimum withdrawal fantasy app

Sportasy is one of the newest fantasy apps that just recently reduced the minimum withdrawal amount from ₹200 to ₹100. So now you can withdraw your winnings as soon as you have ₹100 in winnings.

On sign up you will get ₹500 and refer your friends to earn 25% of Sportasy’s profit.

Minimum Withdrawal: ₹100

Referral Code: INF500

Bonus: ₹500

Download App: Link

5. PlayerzPot


PlayerzPot is one of the best No KYC fantasy apps. On PlayerzPot you can invite your friends and earn up to ₹1500 deposit cash.

Like MPL you can play fantasy sports and games to earn real money. PlayerzPot has a minimum withdrawal limit of ₹150.

You can withdraw your winnings to Paytm without KYC and Bank account.

Minimum Withdrawal: ₹150

Referral Code: KHIM5938

Bonus: ₹100

Download App: Link

6. MPL

Among the minimum withdrawal fantasy apps, MPL has the lowest withdrawal limit. The lowest amount that you can redeem from MPL is ₹1. That’s right you just need ₹1 in your winnings and you can withdraw it instantly your bank account or Paytm wallet.

On the MPL app you can also play games and earn money.

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Minimum Withdrawal: ₹1

Referral Code: WUEK73

Bonus: ₹75

Download App: Link

7. Play Time

PlayTime / Qureka Pro another great app where you can play fantasy cricket and games to earn money online. You can also refer your friends and earn up to ₹100 deposit cash. Currently, you can only play fantasy cricket on Play Time.

The minimum withdrawal fantasy app is ₹10 and the maximum amount that you can withdraw is ₹100.

Minimum Withdrawal: ₹10

Referral Code: 2703DC3C

Bonus: up to ₹100

Download App: Link

8. WinZO Gold

WinZO Gold is another gaming and fantasy sports app. On WinZO you can play fantasy cricket and football.

After sign up using this referral code you will get ₹50 cash bonus. Unfortunately, the bonus is not 100% usable.

You can also join the WinZO SuperStar program and earn withdrawable income for each referral.

Minimum Withdrawal: ₹10

Referral Code: HIMC2218

Bonus: ₹50

Download App: Link

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