How To Play IPL Fantasy League 2022?

IPL has become the most popular cricket tournament, not just in India but across the world. Cricket fans make the most of the IPL season by taking part in the IPL Fantasy League. You have to create a virtual team and score fantasy points. You can also increase your winning chances by checking the IPL predictions from one of the IPL experts. Creating your own team focusing on the performance of each player is thrilling. Cricket lovers love what Fantasy League has to offer.

But, even though Fantasy League sounds easy, it is not. You might be lucky enough to choose a few players that are performing well, but you cannot just depend on your luck. So many people have been looking into online betting sites. There is a long list of online betting sites where you can bet during IPL and win big. To take part in Fantasy League and win big, you will have to put in a little more effort. Every fine detail of every player and team has to be analyzed before you choose your playing XI. The trick is to have the perfect player lineup for the match. You have to choose the ones that have the best chance of performing and increasing your point tally.

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IPL Fantasy League for Beginners

The first timers might find IPL Fantasy League a little difficult to understand. To help you out, we have put together a comprehensive guide.

So, let us first find out how to play the game.

  • Choose a playing 11
  • Select a captain for 2x points and a vice-captain for 1.5x points
  • Join a contest of your preference

Choosing players randomly is not going to help you win. It is crucial that you analyze their performance. For this, you can check the last few matches and opt for players who are consistent with their performance. Learn about the IPL fantasy league points system.

What are Fantasy Points?

These are actually virtual points that players earn based on their performance in a match. For instance, a player can earn Fantasy Points by scoring runs or taking wickets. So, for example, if you have Virat Kohli in your IPL Fantasy League and he scores 50 runs, then you will get 50 fantasy points. Similarly, if you have Trent Boult in your team and he takes a wicket, you get 25 fantasy points. You also get points for hitting a boundary, taking a catch, stumping, run out, maiden over, and more.

How to Choose the Team?

There are rules you have to follow when it comes to choosing the team.

  • There is a restriction on the number of overseas players you can choose for the team. Out of the 11, only 4 foreign players can be included in the team as per the IPL rule book. The same rule applies to the IPL Fantasy League.
  • Every team should have at least 4 batters and a maximum of 5 batters, a wicket-keeper, and at least one all-rounder. But the maximum number of all-rounders you can include in the team is 4.
  • The minimum and maximum limit for the bowlers is 2 and 5, respectively. Apart from this, the team should always have an uncapped player. You can’t choose more than 6 players from one IPL team.

How to Calculate the Points?

The Fantasy League also has a point table just like the actual match. In this, you will get points when you achieve different goals, such as choosing the right player or completing a daily challenge. With every task, you will collect points that will help you make it to the top of the table.

There is a certain formula for calculating the batting and bowling points. It has a base point of 1 for each run the player scores. But batters also receive points on the basis of the strike rate. When batters achieve a milestone of 50+ runs, he is given 8 bonus points.

Bowlers will get 25 points for every wicket they take. Also, they get points on the basis of the economic rate. If bowlers take 4 wickets, they will get 8 bonus points. Similarly, there are points for various situations in the IPL match. You can check the complete fantasy points system and create your team accordingly.

What are Daily Challenges?

You can play the league in daily challenges or fantasy championships. With daily challenges, you can take part in challenges every day and compete against other teams.

When the daily challenge match begins, you will not be able to make any changes to the squad. You have to predict the player’s performance and hope they live up to your expectations.

Tips to Choose a Team

  • Choose a batter in the higher batting order.
  • Invest in an all-rounder as you can gain both batting and bowling points.
  • Always choose the best player as your captain as it gives you twice the points.
  • Keep consistent Indian players in your team.
  • Choose the cheapest bowler and utilize the credit to get to the top batsman.
  • Learn about the various factors that might affect the matches’ outcomes. These can be an injury, weather, pitch conditions, or form of the players.
  • Try to create the best possible team by taking into consideration the performance of the players.

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Final Words

IPL 2021 craze has taken over the country, and Fantasy Cricket is taking the experience of cricket fans to the next level. Not only does the IPL Fantasy League provide fun and entertainment, you can also win grand prizes by choosing the best players in your virtual team. So, use your cricket knowledge to the fullest and enjoy playing IPL Fantasy League.

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