100% Bonus Use Fantasy Apps(Top 15)

At Infosmush.com I have reviewed many fantasy apps and also listed the 53 best fantasy apps. But I understand that playing fantasy cricket is risky. And since IPL 2021 is around the corner, you would like some free fantasy apps with 100% bonus usage.

100% Bonus Use Fantasy Apps

So in this article, I have listed all the best 100% bonus use fantasy apps. If you are new or don’t want to deposit your own money, these are great apps to start winning cash playing fantasy cricket. These apps are great if you win money without any investment. So if that is your aim that this article will definitely help you.

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100% Bonus Use Fantasy Apps List 2023

Fantasy App Name100% Usable BonusRefer Code

1. Vision11

100% usable bonus

Vision11 is one of the greatest fantasy apps out there. And one of the things that make it great is the fact that you can use 100% bonus in any public contest, even in head-to-head leagues.

On Vision11 bonus also known as ExtraCash can be earned by referring friends, on sign up and deposits. This fantasy app has completely erased the concept of “Bonus” from its platform. And it is the first fantasy app to do it

On Vision11, Bonus has been replaced by Extra Cash. And the Cool thing about ExtraCash is that it is 100% usable in any public contest Mega Contests.

Referral Code: INF100.

Bonus: ₹500

Download Vision11

2. OneTo11

2nd 100% bonus use fantasy app

OneTo11 is a unique fantasy app where you can earn from your network. The network go to 11 levels. The best part is that you can withdraw your referral earnings. So if you can refer a few hundred hardcore fantasy sports players, you would have an unlimited source of income.

So naturally you can also use your income to join any contest. If you only want to try a few 100% bonus use fantasy apps OneTo11 should be 2nd on your list.

You will also get ₹100 cash bonus on sign up. The feature that only few fantasy apps offer is that of Instant Withdrawals. And OneTo11 is of those. For every instant withdrawal, ₹5.90 will be charged.

Referral Code: INAA3G8E


3. FSL11


FSL11 was launched in 2019 when the IPL started. It is one of the best 100% bonus use fantasy apps that I’ve ever used.

On GoodGamer you can get ₹100 sign up bonus and use the sign-up bonus to join contests. Cash bonus is 100% usable to join any public contest. You can see in the image below that it is also mentioned in the app.

But what is great about this app is the referral program. You can invite your friends and earn a percentage of their deposit. This commission is added to your winnings balance and there can be used to join and public contests or withdraw.

Another great thing about FSL11 fantasy app is that you can withdraw your winnings to Paytm. And the minimum withdrawal amount is just ₹100.

Referral Code: Ubko4q


4. Winzo Fantasy:

Unlike the apps mentioned above, on Ewar Games you can refer your friends to earn Deposit Cash which is usable in any fantasy contest. Now, Ewar Games is one of the most popular fantasy gaming apps in India. And now you can earn up to ₹60 on sign up and ₹500 for each referral.

The cash you earn by referring your friends can be redeemed or transferred to your Deposit Balance. So you can use the cash to join any fantasy contest with depositing anything.

Referral Code: 23H66LY8G2

Sign up Bonus: ₹60


5. MyTeam11:


Well, MyTeam11 doesn’t truly allow 100% bonus usage. But hear me out

  • You can use up to ₹25 bonus in contests with an entry fee > ₹25 and more than 50 players.
  • Also you can refer your friends and earn Deposit Balance when they deposit.
  • When your referrals deposit ₹50 or more you get 5% of the amount in Unutilized Balance.

So technically, you still don’t have to risk your money if you can refer some friends that deposit cash.

Referral Code: M6Z0QR3PXY
Sign up Bonus: ₹100
Refer and Earn: ₹50 Bonus + 5% of deposit in “Unutilized Cash“.


6. MyFab11


MyFab11 is one of the best app with 100% bonus usage. It also has one of the most profitable referral program among the fantasy apps.

Update: Now you can convert your bonus cash into real cash.

Why, you ask?

Well because on MyFab11 you can refer your friends and earn winnings. You can earn unlimited withdrawable bonus. And there are plenty of 100% bonus usage leagues.

myfab11 100% bonus league

So the bonus you earn by inviting your friends can be redeemed or used to join fantasy contests.

Referral Code: HAEAII32

Sign up Bonus: ₹50


7. BalleBaazi:


BalleBaazi is another great 100% bonus use fantasy app. On BalleBaazi for every user that registers with your referral code you will earn ₹100 cash bonus. You can use this bonus to join 100% bonus usable leagues. Although most of these leagues require you to join the contest with multiple teams. So for first few teams, you will be able to pay the amount partly using cash bonus but as you join with more teams the bonus usage will increase until it increases to 100%.

100% bonus contest

You will also get 10% Real Cash up to ₹50 on your friends first deposit. This amount will be added to your Affiliate Wallet. From where you can transfer it to Unused Cash wallet.

refer and earn program

So the amount you transfer from affiliate wallet to Unused wallet can be used 100% in any contest. BalleBaazi also has a wide range of contests that you can join. You can join contests that only require you to create your team with 5 Batsmen/Bowlers.

Referral Code: UKIFZY1

Sign up Bonus: ₹100

Refer & Earn: ₹150


8. Fanspole:

100 bonus use fantasy app

Fanspole is a great fantasy app where you can refer your friends and earn ₹10 for each referral. The bonus you earn can be used 100% to join any contest.

Fanspole fantasy app also supports Paytm withdrawal and the minimum Payout is just of ₹5.

Referral Code: FBS4LACBQ4


9. My Power Play 11

My Power Play 11 is a new fantasy app with 100% usable bonus. But they could shortly stop that so you should sign up quickly.

fantasy contest

On registration, you will get ₹60 + 550 Coins. Coins can also be used to join contests and win cash prizes.

Referral Code: RAKR5K15442

Sign up Bonus: ₹60

Refer and Earn: ₹20


10. Dream11


Dream11 is the best app whether you want to start playing fantasy sports for the first time or looking for fantasy apps that allow 100% bonus use to contest entry fee. The bonus cash on sign up is ₹200. And after the new update you can earn up to ₹500 for each referral.

On Dream11 you can use 100% bonus to join contests with up to ₹25 entry fee.

100% bonus use fantasy

I use the bonus to join ₹21 head-to-head contests as it is less risky and I don’t have to spend anything from winnings.

Referral Code: SLEOW1BC

Sign up Bonus: ₹200


11. Sport11


Sport11 is another great fantasy app that hosts many contests that can be joined using 100% bonus. As you can see below. It is one of the few fantasy apps that have a refer and earn program that lets you earn money directly into your winnings wallet. Although, you will have to pay ₹100 to join that program.

100% cash bonus usage

On sign up you will get ₹100 bonus cash. You can also participate in the Promoter program and earn ₹30 for every referral.

Another great feature of this fantasy app is that you can withdraw your winnings to Paytm.

Referral Code: SBPHY5

Refer and Earn: ₹100


12. PlayerzPot:


PlayerzPot is another great fantasy apps where you can also play games to win more money. This app lets you use 100% of your referral bonus to join any contest. There are lot of weekly tasks that you can also complete to earn free deposit cash. On Playerzpot you can also play 2nd inning fantasy cricket.

100% bonus use fantasy app

You will earn 2% of every contest that your friends join. This amount will be credited to Deposits. There is no limit on the amount that you can earn from each referral.

PlayerzPot fantasy app lets you withdraw your winnings without KYC to Paytm wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹150. One more thing that I like about PlayerzPot is that they keep adding new games. For example, they recently added Carrom.

Referral Code: KHIM5938


13. LeagueX


On LeagueX you can use 100% bonus to join at least one contest for every match with one squad.

Not only that LeagueX also offers free contests for every match with cash prizes. So you can join these contests for free with multiple teams and win money.

Referral Code: CashEn


14. Cricwars:

Cricwars is another 100% bonus use fantasy app. This app was launched back in 2019 by Seran Gaming company. Currently, you can play fantasy cricket and football on this app.

Cricwars only allows 100% bonus use in Mega Contests.

Referral Code: SLEO4YSVMF

Sign up Bonus: ₹25

Refer & Earn: ₹100


15. FantasyAkhada


In many ways, if not all, Fantasy Akhada resembles GoodGamer, or it’s the other way around.

Whichever may be the case, the point is that you can refer your friends and earn deposit cash. You can use this cash to join any paid contest.

As a cash bonus you will also get ₹500 on sign up.

Referral code: INF500


16. Games91


Games91 is an app where you can play fantasy cricket PUBG, Free Fire and COD Mobile tournaments. On sign up, you will get ₹100(1000 chips) that can be used to join any contest.

Games91 also lets you earn ₹100 for each referral. But you can only refer 5 friends.

Referral Code: PUMSN4731

Sign up Bonus: ₹100


So these are all the fantasy apps that allow you to use 100% bonus to join contests. But if you know any other apps please comment below.

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