How are People Watching Netflix For Free?

Netflix does offer a free trial that allows new users or existing users with new details to get Netflix free for a month. But many people continue to watch Netflix shows for free without a Netflix subscription.

So how do they do it?

Using others’ Account details:

There are many blogs and websites where you can get the email address and password for Netflix accounts. Though most of the credentials are invalid. But there are still a few that work.

Some bloggers share their own account to attract visitors to their blogs.


So basically websites gather cookies of Netflix accounts. A browser extension like EditThisCookie can be used to import cookies. The cookies work for a few hours because more and more users use the same cookie from different locations.

Illegal Downloads:

You are probably aware of this.

Many websites illegally download Contents and share them for free. Netflix shows are no exceptions.

Remember, these are illegal and unsafe. Most sites that offer shows for free download may infect your computer.

**This article is for information purposes only.**

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