How to Get Tesla in BGMI | All Locations

As you already know, BGMI recently released July update(version 1.5.0). In thsi version of Battlegrounds Mobile India they introduced a new mode called Ignition mode. This mode has many new features but the most notable one is Tesla Car.

Players can go to Gigafactory in the map and get their Tesla car. The main feature of this car is: Auto Pilot.

You can mark a loction and turn on the auto pilot. The Tesla car will take you their without you having to drive. You can just sit in the car or shoot the enemies that you near you.

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How to Get Tesla Car in BGMI Gigafactory

Tesla car can only be found in Gigafactory(Ignition Mode).

  1. Play the Ignition Mode
  2. Go to any of the Gigafactory.
  3. Towards the entrance(front side) of the factory you will see a switch above. Use the stairs to get their and enable the switch.
  4. Now go to the Opposite direction, you will find another switch on the left side of the room that has Tesla logo.
  5. Now in the right side of the base of the car(below the 2nd switch) you will find the third switch.
  6. Once you have activated all three switches the tesla car will be built.
  7. You will also get a supply crate.

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