Panda VPN Invitation Code: Get Free VIP Membership

panda vpn invite code

Panda VPN is a VPN service provider. The PandaVPN app is available for every operating system, i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, etc. Currently, Panda VPN users can get Free VIP membership by inviting friends.

Panda VPN Invitation Code:

PandaVPN invitation code is: 20728495

How to Get Free Panda VPN VIP Membership:

panda vpn invitation code

The reward rules are as follows:

1. After a friend successfully registering and becoming a VIP user via your invitation link, or inputting your invitation code and purchasing, he will get 30-day VIP membership

2. Your rewards depend on the plan that your friend purchases when he is registering

1) If the plan purchased by your friend is less than 1 year, you will get 30-day VIP membership

2) If the plan purchased by your friend is no less than 1 year, you will get 90-day VIP membership


1. The rewards are admitted only when your friend registers successfully via your invitation link or inputs your invitation code and purchases ( You can fill in the invitation code within 7 days of registration )

2. If your friend requests a refund, the rewards of both parties will be deducted at the same time

3. You can get 1-year VIP membership after inviting 4 friends to purchase 1-year plan or 12 friends to purchase 1-month/3-month plan

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