Top 15 Apps to Play PUBG & Earn Money

top pubg tournament apps

Want to earn money by playing PUBG?

In this post, I’ve listed #15 apps where you can join PUBG / Battgrounds Mobile India tournaments and win real cash.

So without further ado lets get started…

Apps to Join PUBG/BGMI Tournaments & Win Money

#1. Mobile Premier League (MPL):

mpl app

MPL is one of the most popular apps to earn Paytm cash by playing games. A few months ago they started hosting tournaments for PUBG & Free Fire and the best part was that Entry was free.

Don’t be sad just because I used “was”. Because MPL is still hosting multiple tournaments with free entry(well you need tokens) for both PUBG and Free Fire.

To join PUBG Mobile tournaments select the game and all the tournaments will be listed.

You will receive Room ID and Password 10 minutes before the match starts.

Referral Code: WUEK73

Sign up Bonus: ₹50

Withdrawal methods: Paytm, UPI, Bank.

Download MPL

#2. GamersPocket:


Unlike MPL, GamersPocket is only dedicated to hosting tournaments for battle royale games. GamersPocket hosts tournaments for PUBG, PUBG Lite, and Garena Free Fire.

You can find different types of tournaments with different entry fees. You will earn paytm cash Per Kill and when you Win. Higher the entry fee the higher is the per kill and winner prize.

Room ID and Password will be given 10 to 5 minutes before the match starts.

You can also refer your friends & earn ₹10 per invite. Referral earnings are redeemable.

Referral Code: 882292.

Paytm Method: Paytm wallet, UPI, GPay, etc.


#3. Game Pay:

Game Pay is a newly launched app where you can play PUBG, PUBG Lite, & Garena Free Fire and win Paytm cash.

It also hosts many Free entry tournaments with cash prizes.

You can also invite friends and earn ₹10 per referral. Your friends will get ₹5 as well. You both will get the bonus when your friend joins his first paid tournament.

Payment Methods: Paytm cash and UPI.


#4. PlayerZon:


PlayerZon is one of the best PUBG tournaments apps in India. This app has been around since 7th November 2018 and is still going strong.

On PlayerZon you can earn money by playing PUBG, PUBG Lite and Garena Free Fire.

Upcoming Games: Call of Duty and Fortnite.

On PlayerZon you will be earning Play Coins.

1 Play Coin = ₹1.

Enter this referral code on sign up to get 5 Coins: infosmush.

Payment Methods: You can withdraw your Playcoins for Paytm cash. Minimum payout ₹50(50 coins).


#5. Star War:

It would be safe to say that the Star War app is your one-stop for all eSports tournaments. There are over 7 games for which tournaments are hosted by Star War. Of Course, it includes PUBG and quite surprisingly Ludo King as well.

The UI of the app is similar to PlayerZon.

You can also jpoin tournaments at website.

Start War Promo Code: infosmusb

Withdrawal Methods:

  • Paytm wallet
  • UPI

Minimum Payout: ₹100


#6. GamingMonk:

play pubg earn paytm cash

GamingMonk is another great eSports platform to earn Paytm cash by playing games like PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, WCC Rivals, PUBG PC, and more.

You can join tournaments from the GamingMonk app or website.

GamingMonk’s online eSports Portal was launched in Aug 2017.

Withdrawal Options:

  • Paytm
  • UPI
  • Bank Account

Minimum withdrawal: ₹200.

You must verify your email address, phone number, and PAN to withdraw your earnings.


#7. Pixlona


Pixlona is another Indian app where you can play PUBG and earn Paytm cash.

PIXLONA is the flagship brand of Synclusive Innovation Pvt Ltd.

Upcmcoming games include Apex, Clash Royale, 8 Pool and Fortnite.

Withdrawal Options: Instant withdrawal to Paytm wallet.

You will earn per kill reward and a huge prize when you win the chicken dinner.


#8. 121GameOn:

121GameOn is a global eSports platform for games like PUBG, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone.

You can deposit and withdraw money via SKRILL, NETELLER, Visa, and Master Card.

#9. PUBG War Field:

PUBG War Field is another app where you can join PUBG tournaments and earn money. It has been developed by Prathi Web Solutions.

Withdrawal Methods:

  • Paytm
  • PhonePe
  • Google Pay

Try it

#10. WinZO Gold:

play pubg and earn money

WinZO Gold is another gaming app that also hosts tournaments for Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. You will find some tournaments with free entry as well.

On sign up you will earn a bonus of ₹50.

You can also invite your friends and earn up to ₹36 per referral.

Referral Code: HIMC2218

Withdrawal Options:

  • Paytm wallet
  • UPI
  • Bank Account


#11. Ewar Games:

ewar game

EWar another gaming app similar to MPL. This app hosts esports tournaments for PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite, Garena Free Fire, and Call of Duty(TDM).

Other than esports tournaments, you can also over 10 games and win Paytm cash.

The minimum entry fee for most tournaments is ₹5.

You will earn per kill rewards and winner prize.

Sign up Bonus: ₹15(100% usable in some contests).

Referral Code: QBFV9DRFTK


#12. ReGame:


So while all the other apps mentioned in the list have multiple games, ReGames only hosts PUBG Mobile tournaments.

The best part about ReGame is that you can withdraw your referral earnings.

Sign up Bonus: ₹5.

Referral Code: 2KKVZ2

Refer and Earn: ₹5

Minimum Withdrawal: ₹30.


#13. Qeeda


Qeeda is primarily an app where you can earn money by playing games. But recently they also started hosting PUBG Mobile tournaments. Every day Qeeda hosts multiple tournaments that can be joined using Qeeda Coins or INR. Once you have joined the tournament you can play PUBG and earn money based on your performance.

Sign up Bonus: ₹20.

Referral Code: 12t237220l

Refer and Earn: ₹10

Minimum Withdrawal: ₹50.


#14. Fanspole


Fanspole is an app where you can win Paytm cash by playing fantasy cricket and fantasy PUBG. And also by joining eSports tournaments for games like PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite and Free Fire.

Referral Code: FBS4LACBQ4

Refer and Earn: ₹25

Minimum Withdrawal: ₹5.


#15. Games91

Games91 is an online fantasy platform where you can also play:

  • PUBG Mobile,
  • PUBG Lite
  • Free Fire and
  • WCC Rivals

On Games91 you will be playing with Chips. 1 chip = ₹1.

As a sign up bonus you will get ₹100.

Referral Code: PUMSN4731

Sign up Bonus: ₹100(100 chips)

Refer and Earn: ₹100


So these were my top 15 apps and website where you can earn paytm cash by playing games like PUBG, Free Fire, etc.

If you no similar apps or website share them in the comments.

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