Zingura Play App Review: Predict & Win Paytm Cash

zingura play app

On Zingura Play app you can predict the outcomes of certain events in sports matches and win paytm cash. The app is owned by Trizin Infotech Pvt. Ltd. which was registered on 25 July 2017 with an authorized capital of Rs. 10 lakh.

The Zingura Play app appears to be safe and legitimate on the surface. But is it?

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What are Zings?
You’re gonna see a lot of ‘Zings’ in this review so it would be better to know what zings are beforehand.

Zings are in-app virtual currency of Zingura app. You can use Zings to bid on matches and redeem them for cash.

Getting Started with Zingura Play app:

Getting started with the app is pretty simple and quick. The sign-up process only takes 2 minutes.

All you need to do is enter your number, name and referral code- HIM9700(to get 3000 zings).

How Does Zingura App Work:

You will get 3,000 Zings as a starter pack which can be used make predictions/bids.


1. Pick a sport and a match within that sport. You can only predict for those matches that are scheduled for the day.

2. After selecting a match you can see various pools that you can join and bid. Each pool has an entry fee in zings. Tap the pool that you want to join and confirm the payment.

3. The fee(zings) that you paid to join the pool will now be shown as the zings that you can use to bid on predictions. You can either use the available zings in one bid or divide it across different bids.

Once you have made a bid you can’t change it.


Each Bid has some win profits as illustrated below:

  • Team Bid: Who will win the match? Team 1 or Team 2
  • Win Profit for Team 1 = Total no of zings bid on Team 2 / Total no of zings bid on Team 1
  • Win Profit of Team 2 = Total no of zings bid on Team 1 / Total no of zings bid on Team 2
  • Team 1: 5000 zings (8000/5000 = 1.6x) Team 2: 8000 zings (5000/8000= 0.63x) and you have placed a bid of 1500 zings on Team 1 and you won the bid, then you will receive (1500 x 1.6 = 2400 zings).

The bid amount placed of 1500 zings will be sent back to your Zings Account Balance, and win-profit of 2400 zings will be available on your My Bids Page.

When you redeem this profit as Zings, it will be added to your Zings Balance (used for bids), but these zings are still redeemable(and will be added to Redeemable Zings. which you can redeem into Zings Cash later on.)

Results are announced separately for each pool.

Once the match is over, and the results are announced, bids won and win profit will be visible.

Referral Program:

When you invite your friends and they sign up with your referral code they will get 3,000 zings and you will get Rs. 3(first level).

You will also earn from the referrals that your invited friends invite. ZinguraPlay has a 4 level referral system.

Here’s how much you will earn from each level:
1st lvl Rs. 3
2nd lvl Rs. Rs. 1.25
3rd lvl Rs. 0.5
4th lvl Rs. 0.25

Payment Methods:

You can convert the Redeemable Zings to cash and redeem the amount to your Paytm wallet.

zingura play wallet
zingura play wallet

Minimum Payout is Rs. 50.

Is Zingura Play Legit:

Zingura Play is a fairly new app. There aren’t many user reviews available online to draw any conclusions. I just started using the app so I haven’t won enough zings to redeem.

So, I’ll put this app under surveillance.

Will update this review when I discover anything new.

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