4 Swag Code Spoilers: Get Instant Alerts

swag code spoilers

Do you often find Swag Codes after they are expired? Are you looking for something that can help you redeem all the SwagCodes? And eventually, increase your earnings on Swagbucks. If yes, then this article is for you.

Here, I’ve gathered 4 swag code alert (spoiler) tools that will keep you updated on active SwagCodes. 
I know looking for SwagCodes is not an ideal job. And it’s not something you always remember to do. As a result, most SwagCodes slip through your hands. But not after you read this and use the swag code spoiler tools mentioned in the list.
I know, how frustrating it is to find a SwagCode after it has expired. Thinking, if only you had checked 5 minutes earlier, you could have got your SBs. Believe me; I know how that feels.
Don’t worry, after reading this article, that won’t be a problem. You won’t miss any SwagCodes. Every active SwagCode will be yours, Thanks to these Swagcode spoiler Tools:

#1 Sbcodez

swagcode spoiler
You can regularly check sbcodez for new SwagCodes or select one of the notification methods. SBCodez almost instantly updates the new swag codes with the location where it was found and reward.
You can get SwagCode alerts from SBCodes through Facebook, Twitter and RSS feed. You can also receive text(SMS) notification through SBCodes’ Twitter channel (RECOMMENDED). click here for instructions

#2 Swag Code Spoiler

Swag code spoiler is my favorite swag code spoiler tool.
You can receive text/SMS notifications:
Text: The reason I choose Swag Code Spoiler over SBCodez is that it sends SMS when a SwagCode is available for your country. Just like SBCodez, you will have to enable SMS notifications on Twitter to receive Swag Code Alerts via SMS.
For example, if you are an  Indian user you’ll have to enable SMS notifications for SCSpoilerIN. Similarly, SwagCodeSpoiler is for US, SCSpoilerCA for Canada, SCSpoilerAU for Australia and SCSpoilerUK for UK.

#3 Swagbucks Mobile App

Swagcode mobile alert tool
Swagbucks mobile app

You can also get SwagCode alerts through Swagbucks App.

 You can enable Swag Code alerts in settings of the app.
#4 Swagbucks Browser Extension
swagcode alert by chrome extension
Swagbucks extension
You can also get Swag Code alerts from Swagbucks browser extension. Swagbucks extension is available for all popular browsers.
So, this was my list of 4 tools which you can use to grab every SwagCode.
Now that my list is over…
Which Swag Code Spoiler tool do you use to get alerts?

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