Sir Rummy Apk Download, Teen Patti Sir Get ₹41 Bonus

Sir Rummy App Download, Rummy Sir Apk Download, Rummy Sir App Download. Rummy Sir is a new rummy app that I will be reviewing today. The new rummy app that I recently reviewed was Rummy Yes.

sir rummy app download

Rummy Sir app launch date is 15 July 2022. The bonus is obviously what you eager to know about. So here it is the sign-up bonus is ₹21 in the Sir Rummy Apk. If you have read my articles about other rummy apps you would realize that the bonus amount is less than most rummy apps that were launched in the last few months. Because most rummy and teen patti apps are launched with ₹51 bonus or ₹41 bonus.

But apps like Teen Patti Club and Teen Patti Gold have proven that a sign-up bonus doesn’t matter much, when you offer stability and fairness. Because what these high bonus offering apps have in common is that they will freeze user accounts for no apparent reason. I’m not saying that Sir Rummy App is one of them because it is new, and we don’t know much about it.

Sir Rummy Apk Download

Download the Rummy Sir App and install it on your phone so that you can sign up with your mobile and get a bonus. Then you can use the bonus to play games and win money. The size of the apk is just 22.34 MB and the download should be complete within one minute.

Rummy App NameRummy Sir, Teen Patti Sir
Sign up Bonus₹21
Apk VersionLatest
Sir Rummy Apk DownloadClick here

When you open the app after installing it 64 MB will be downloaded again. These are the various resources that need to be downloaded before the app can run as it is intended to.

What is the Sign up Process in Rummy Sir?

sir rummy apk download

The sign up process in the rummy sir app is simple and takes only a few seconds if you have ever used similar apps before. If you have, you would know that after you install and open the app you are already able to use the alp without signing up. But to be able to play games, and withdraw the money you must sign up.

For first-timers, the sign up process can be a bit difficult. Actually, the sign-up for is easy to fill but it might be a little confusing to find the sign-up form

The sign up form will pop up when you have enough balance and try to withdraw money or play any game. You can also open the sign up page by going to your Profile and clicking on the Bind button.

After that, all you have to do is enter your mobile number, OTP, and password. You will get the sign up bonus immediately.

Games List in Sir Rummy App

The list of games available on this rummy app includes many popular games like. You must remember the Hobi Games and 0W Rummy apps that I reviewed on recently. The Rummy Sir app is the same as the ones I just mentioned. The offers and sign-up bonus are the only things that are different, other than that it’s a carbon copy.

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Ludo
  3. Rummy
  4. Car Roulette
  5. Deep Sea Awakening
  6. Dragon vs Tiger
  7. Baccarat
  8. Teen Patti 20-20
  9. Zoo Roulette, etc

What is the Official Website of Rummy Sir Apk?

The official website of this rummy app is You can download not only the Sir Rummy app but many other rummy apps as well. The site is the best place to download new rummy apps and best rummy apps. You will find direct download links and easy navigation to all the available websites.

Become VIP and Earn Everyday

You can earn bonus rewards every day by just becoming a VIP member. The VIP members enjoy daily, weekly and monthly rewards for free.

The rewards are determined by your VIP level.

For example if your VIP level is 2 you will get ₹10 upgrade bonus, ₹30 weekly bonus amd ₹60 monthly bonus.

But you should never become greedy and deposit a lot of money just to raise your VIP level. Deposit only that amount of money that you won’t regret losing. When you sign up your VIP level is 0 and as you deposit more your VIP level will also increase.

How to Refer and Earn on Sir Rummy?

sir rummy apk referral program

Referring your friends or any other person to Rummy Sir Apk is easy and you only have to share your referral link. Once you share your referral link, your friends will be able to download the teen patti sir app by clicking and following your link.

Once they complete the sign they will get a bonus of ₹21 just like everyone. The only difference is that you will earn a commission when they play games. The commission rate is between 15%-30%.

The commission rate depends on your total number of referrals.

Your daily commission will be added to your wallet every day after 12:00 AM. But it won’t be added to your account immediately. You have to claim the bonus and only then will it be added to your account after that, you will be able to withdraw the money or use it to play games.

Share Income:

sir rummy share and earn

Share income is extra rewards that you can get for every user that downloads the Sir Rummy App through your link.

The rules for getting this reward are:

  • Each valid referral will entitle you to a bonus
  • Your referral will become a valid member after he deposits INR 100 or more
  • Share via WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms.
  • Bonuses can be earned continuously on the Share page.

Game Rebate: Play More & Earn More

Game Rebate is a great way to get cash back on the money that you spend on playing games. You will get a rebate amount based on the Turnover generated in a day. The reward ratio and turnover amount are given against the ratio.

For example, if your total turnover of the day was between 200 and, 200000 then you will get 0.1% of the amount as a rebate.

And if your turnover amount is more than 200000 then the game rebate will be 0.2% of the amount.

What is Sir Rummy Cashback Offer?

sir rummy cashback bonus offer

The cashback bonus offer helps users who lose money in the games on the app to lower the losses. Because some of the amounts that you lose will be given back to you.

In their words “Player’s daily loss will be compensated on the following day”.

What it means is that you will get some bonus amount depending on your loss. Refer to the table below.

Loss Amount(₹)Bonus(₹)

The bonus reward requires 1x wagers to withdraw. So for example; if you got ₹11 bonus then you will have to complete wagers of ₹11 to be able to withdraw.

How to Redeem Winnings From Rummy Sir App?

sir rummy withdrawal

Step 1- First, open the Rummy Sir application.

Step 2- On the home page, you will see the Withdrawal icon, click on it. It will appear on the right side of the screen.

Step 3- Then add your bank account details to which you want your money to be withdrawn.

Step 4- Add the amount of your winnings you want to withdraw and click on the withdraw button.

NOTE- You may also withdraw your sign-up bonus but you have to first add 5 times of it to your Hobi Games account.

Step 6- Your payment will be reflected in your bank account in less than 24 hrs.

Sir Rummy Apk Frequently Asked Questions

What is the sign-up bonus in Rummy Sir?

The bonus amount for new users is ₹21.

Is Teen Patti Sir Real Money Gaming App?

Yes. The Sir Teen Patti app is a money-earning game that involves real cash games.

How to get cash back on the loss amount?

There’s nothing that you have to do to get the cash back bonus. You simply have to play games as you would normally and the cash back bonus will be automatically added to your balance according to your loss amount.

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