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Rummy Yes Apk Download, Yes Rummy Apk, Rummy Yes App Download. How are you, the readers of I’m once again sharing a new rummy app with you the name of which is Rummy Yes. Not it is not the same as Teen Patti Yes Apk both are different apps. Teen patti yes was launched in May 2022 while Yes Rummy app was launched today on July 17 2022.

rummy yes app download

The beta version of Rummy Yes was launched in May 2022 and users were having trouble using the app, most of them did not get any signup bonus either. If you also signed up for the beta version of the app, in this article I will show you how you can claim the bonus.

The steps to claim the bonus for old users is not difficult. You can simply uninstall the old version and download the latest version of the Rummy Yes app and register again. Then you can check the mail and claim your bonus from there.

Rummy Yes Apk Download

rummy yes apk download
App NameRummy Yes
Release Date16 July 2022
APK Size56 MB
Sign up Bonus₹1155
Rummy Yes App DownloadClick here

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How to Sign up for Rummy Yes App & Get ₹1555 Bonus

The Rummy Yes app has been launched by the same company that owns most of the teen patti apps like Teen Patti Joy and Rummy Modern. So the process for receiving the signup bonus is also the same.

rummy yes apk bonus

After you have opened the app you just have, you can simply follow the steps below to register your account and get the bonus mentioned above.

1. First Download the Rummy Yes App Apk and install it.

2. Open the app and the app will ask for storage permission. Give the permission so that the app can function properly.

3. Now click on your Profile picture and tap Bind button.

4. Complete the signup process. For that, you have to enter your mobile number and password and the final step is to verify your mobile number by entering the OTP.

5. You should get ₹51 bonus instantly.

What to Do If You Didn’t Receive Sign up Bonus?

It is okay if you didn’t get the signup bonus even after following the steps that I have given above, then you can follow the steps below:

  1. Uninstall the current version of the Rummy Yes app.
  2. Now download the latest version from the link.
  3. Install the app and register again.
  4. You should get bonus now.

Rummy Yes Apk Referral Program

rummy yes refer and earn

Yes Rummy app referral program is great for influencers and users with huge social media followings. You can share your referral link with your followers and friends.

You can earn up to ₹100 per invited friend that deposits ₹1000 or more. For the first two referrals you will get ₹80, and ₹90, and after that, you will earn ₹100.

To claim this bonus you have to :

  1. Open the app and click on the Share button.
  2. Now tap the glowing icons to claim the bonus.

Other than that, you will also earn 30% commission on your friends’ tax amount. So the more your friends play the more money you will earn. Whether your friends win or lose you will get your commission without fail.

The commission will be added to your account at 12:00 every night.

  1. Open the Rummy Yes app and tap Refer and Earn or Share button.
  2. Copy your referral link.
  3. Share the link with your friends.
  4. Ask your friends to download the app through your link. Guide them to register so that they can get the sign-up bonus as well.
  5. You will get ₹100 + 30% commission.

Weekly & Progress Bonus in Rummy Yes

The weekly bonus and progress bonus both these rewards are only available for users who have become VIP 1 or higher.

Your VIP membership depends on your total recharge amount.

For example you can recharge with ₹500 to unlock weekly bonus and progress bonus.

Weekly Bonus:

Depending on your total weekly commission you will earn extra weekly bonus based on the table below:

Bonus FromBonus ToExtra Bonus

Progress Bonus:

You are eligible for a progress bonus when your last week’s weekly referral commission was more than the previous week’s total commission.

rummy yes progress bonus

Yes Rummy Events For Extra Rewards and Bonus

These are time-limited events that you can check out within the app as well. These offers are great to earn more money and bonuses for free. The app will continue to launch more offers and events, you can keep checking it in the Notice section of the app.

VIP Benefit Month of Rummy Yes

Recharge and complete the given tasks for up to ₹1555 bonus.

  • Task 1: Binding mobile and get ₹60 to ₹500
  • Task 2: Deposit rebate 100% up to ₹500 cashback
  • Task 3: Deposit rebate of 150% up to ₹555 cashback

VIP Task Sharing Extra Bonuses

When you complete VIP Task 1, get your bonus, and make a video sent to YouTube, you will get an extra ₹100 bonus and a YouTube promotion bonus. Friend promotion bonus and Agent bonus eligible.

Activity Rule:

Video title Rummy Yes VIP task share extra bonus, video 30 seconds + content with your exclusive link.

How to Apply:

Send the game ID, video link, and email title: Task Share Extra Bonus to, and wait for the review of the person who will send the bonus.

Note: The game ID must be the same as the exclusive link, bonus 1x code withdrawals.

Recharge Rebate in Rummy Yes

Recharge daily return, the more you recharge the more money you will earn as rebate.

rummy yes recharge rebate

How to Withdraw Money From Rummy Yes App

You can withdraw a minimum of ₹110 from this app. Today I withdrew money from the app myself and received the withdrawn amount within a few hours. You can checkout my latest withdrawal proof from this rummy app below.

rummy yes withdrawal
rummy yes withdrawal proof

To withdraw the money you don’t have to submit PAN card or bank account details. Simply enter and save your UPI address or bank account details and withdraw.

  1. Open the app and click Withdraw.
  2. Now enter your UPI or Bank details.
  3. Confirm that the details entered are correct and click Save.
  4. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Hit the withdraw button.

Withdrawals can take up to 7 days but they are usually processed within 24 hours.

How to Solve Rummy Yes Withdrawal Rejected Problem?

There can be number of reasons why your withdrawals may be being rejected by the app. If you have done anything unfair, there is nothing we can do about it.

But if you believe that you did nothing wrong then there is one solution that worked for me as well.


You need to make your first deposit. it doesn’t matter what the amount of the deposit is, you just have to add money whether it is ₹10 or 10000.

Why does adding money solve the problem?

So here’s the thing, Rummy Yes will start rejecting the withdrawals of users who have never deposited any cash and have been withdrawing a lot of money. That is why adding money for the first time will solve the problem and your withdrawal requests will never be rejected.

Rummy Yes Apk FAQ(s)

How to get ₹1555 bonus in the Yes Rummy App?

You can get the above-stated bonus by completing the three tasks and getting them verified by customer support.

  • Task 1: Binding mobile and get ₹60 to ₹500
  • Task 2: Deposit rebate 100% up to ₹500 cashback
  • Task 3: Deposit rebate of 150% up to ₹555 cashback

What is the smallest amount that I can redeem from Rummy Yes Apk?

The Yes Rummy app has a minimum withdrawal amount of ₹110. The amount that you want to withdraw must be more than or equal to ₹110. You can withdraw more than once every day.

How to unlock weekly bonus?

To unlock weekly bonus you have to recharge your account with ₹500 or more. After that, restart the app and you should see the weekly bonus tab in the Refer and Earn pop-up box.

What are the withdrawal methods supported by Rummy Yes?

There are two withdrawal methods:

  • IMPS
  • UPI

Both of these can be saved separately and if you want to you can only save the details of one- bank account or UPI.

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