Teen Patti Yes App APK Download: ₹1155 Bonus, Rummy Yes

3Patti Yes or Teen Patti Yes is a new teen patti app with over 21 games that you can play. Fantasy Sports, Variations, poker is just some of the games that are available on this app. Recently I published the review of Rummy Holy. This app that I mentioned is offering ₹51 on sign up.

teen patti yes

But on Teen Patti Yes app you get nothing.

That’s right the sign up bonus on the Teen Patti Yes app is ₹0. You can download the app from the link below and receive the bonus if it is available according to the current offers.

Note: This App involves financial risk. Play responsibly and at your own risk.

Note: इस गेम में वित्तीय जोखिम का एक तत्व शामिल है और इसकी लत लग सकती है। कृपया जिम्मेदारी से और अपने स्वयं के जोखिम पर ही इसे खेलें । पैसे जोड़ने से बचें, नुकसान के जिम्मेदार आप खुद होंगे |

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Teen Patti Yes APK Download

App NameTeen Patti Yes
Teen Patti Yes APK DownloadClick here
Sign up Bonus₹1155
Minimum Withdrawal₹100

How to Sign up on Teen Patti Yes App

  1. Download the Teen Patti Yes apk.
  2. Install the app and open it.
  3. Bind your mobile number.
  4. Now your account can be accessed on any device by using your mobile number and OTP.

Make sure you follow the steps carefully to complete the registration process and get the bonus amount of Rs.1155. The reward bonus will be added to your account after your first recharge. But if you did not receive the bonus of Rs. 1155 in this teen patti app then you are not eligible for the offer.

How to Refer & Earn Money in Teen Patti Yes

teen patti yes referral program

You can earn up to 30% tax commission of your friends and addition rewards like:

  • weekly bonus
  • progress bonus

The referral earnings can be claimed every day. But weekly and progress bonus can be claimed only weekly.

  1. Open the app and click Refer and earn.
  2. Now tap the share button.
  3. Your referral link will be copied to your clipboard.
  4. Share your referral link and invite as many users as you can.

Teen Patti Yes YouTube Promotion

teen patti yes youtube promotional

If you are a YouTuber you can make videos about Teen Patti Yes app and earn money based on the number of views that your videos get.

The bonus will be added to your respective game account. The good news is that this offer is still running and new users can still participate to get money for free. Friends, if you already have a gaming channel you should publish a video about tye app is what I would advise.

How To Withdraw Money from Teen Patti Yes

Teen Patti Yes app does not need any of your bank account proof or Pan card details to verify your account or do anything. You can just enter your bank account number, IFSC or UPI address to withdraw money to your preferred bank account.

  1. Open the app and click Withdraw.
  2. Now enter your UPI or Bank details.
  3. Confirm that the details entered are correct and click save.
  4. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  5. Hit the withdraw button.

Your withdrawn amount should be credited to your bank account within 24 hours.

Minimum and Maximum withdrawal amount

The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹100 and the maximum amount that can redeemed at a time is ₹50000.

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How to Make Money on Teen Patti Yes APK

If you are looking to earn money on the Teen Patti Yes app then it is a good idea. Because as you might have noticed that this app does not offer any bonus amount on sign up. While some users will see this as a bad sign but in reality it is good. Because most rummy apps that do offer sign up bonus are very eager to freeze user accounts and also cheat in the referral program

So what they do is change the referral code from the back end so that the so called Managers are getting a commission in their own personal accounts from the users that you invited.

But in the case of apps like Teen Patti Yes and Teen Patti Club it doesn’t happen.

How to Add Money in Teen Patti Yes

  1. Open our application log in,
  2. click Pay at the lobby page bottom right side.
  3. Select your desired recharge amount then you may proceed by clicking Add Cash.
  4. Choose payment method and click Next step, then it will direct you to the payment merchant page.
  5. Enter your UPI address or select the UPI app you want to complete the purchase through.

Is Teen Patti Yes Better Than Holy Rummy

As you know both Teen Patti Yes apk and Holy have been launched around the same time. So this question is natural: which one is better teen patti yes or Rummy Holy.

There is no simple answer to this question because each app has its pros and cons.

For example Teen Patti Yes app only gives new users a sign up bonus of ₹5 but the latter offers ₹51 bonus on binding mobile number. Another thing that you should be aware of is that you will face more wagers issue in the Holy Rummy app as compared to Yes Teen Patti.

So these are the things that you should consider when choosing one of the two. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comment box below.

Teen Patti Yes Customer Care Number

  • +639777020248
  • +639777018843
  • +639777018846
  • +639777020255

Teen Patti Yes App FAQ(s)

Question: What is the sign up bonus is Teen Patti Yes?

Answer: It is ₹1155.

Question: What is the number of total games available in Teen Patti Yes APK?

Answer: 21.

Question: Can I withdraw my earnings to Paytm number?

Answer: No you can’t

Question: Is my money safe?

Answer: Our game application makes highly advanced security features to ensure the safekeeping of financial and per sonal data gathered from players. We make sure that we keep up with data protection legislation and that their slots and other games get audited by external security companies.

Question: How to register for the game?

Answer: Please click Play as Guest, then register your mobile phone number by clicking your avatar icon. Click the Bound button. Fill out the in formation and set your own desired password. Click OTP then you will receive the code through SMS. Fill in the code after you receive it, click Confirm to complete registration. Welcome and enjoy the game!

Question: What is the minimum amount of recharge?

Answer: Minimum recharge is rs. 10, the maximum recharge amount is unlimited.

Question: How to make a withdrawal?

Answer: Click Withdraw on your lobby bottom side, then select the withdrawal option you want (bank or UPI) and enter your desired amount to withdraw, then click Withdraw.

Question: What is the minimum amount of withdrawal?

Answer: Requires wagers are the sets that need to complete adore you can withdraw money from your game account.

Question: How long does a withdrawal take?

Answer: The withdrawal is usually immediately(5-10 min). It needs 24-72hours to complete if due to bank delay.

Question: What if I didn’t receive my withdrawal to my bank or UPI account after 72 hours?

Answer: We will return your withdrawal to your game account if you didn’t receive your fund after 72 hours, and you can initiate a new withdrawal again.

Question: Is my money secure during the withdrawal process?

Answer: Yes. Please don’t worry about your money because we assure you the process is secured.

Question: What do I need to do if the hint appears (Illegal Input)while binding bank or UPI Information?

Answer: Please make sure the information is correct. Or you can try to close the application and try again after

Question: What do I need to do if the hint appears (Number Already Bound) while registering the game?

Answer: Another game account is used this number for binding. Please use another phone number to register for the game and be informed that you can only register one device and one mobile phone number for one game account.their Slots and other games get audited by external security

Question: What do I need to do if I forget my login password?

Answer: Click Forget Password button after clicking Logon to set a new password. Write your phone number and click OTP to receive the code through SMS. Fill in the code that you received and set a new password.

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