Hobi Games APK Download: Get ₹31 Sign up Bonus

Hobi Games APK Download. Hobi Games is an all-in-one application for all bettors who want to bet real money and earn from it. It has over 1 Lakh active players playing from all across India making it one of the biggest rummy apps in India. It is also by far one of the safest money-earning apps for deposits and withdrawals of money. In addition to that, it has a very strong anti-cheat community which prevents in-game players from cheating with other players.

hobi games apk download

Like many of the other money-earning gaming apps in the market, Hobi Games have RUMMY and TEEN PATTI as its most popular games in which players require special skills and prior experience to earn real money from them. On top of that, it also has 15 or more simple games which can be played by someone with little experience or none of it to earn money.

If that’s not enough, there are a couple of more ways to earn from Hobi Games which include Refer and Earn feature and many bonuses that the player gets as he progresses(more about it in the article below).

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Hobi Games APK Download

You can download the Hobi Games apk directly from its website i.e. hobigames500.com or from the link. Hobi Games apk is available for both android and IOS. The app is legal in all over India excluding the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Nagaland , and the state of sikkim. A person who is not a resident of these states and is above 18 years of age is free to use the Hobi Games app and earn from it.

App NameHobi Games
Sign up BonusUp to ₹31
APK Size11 MB
APK Version2.02
Hobi Games App DownloadClick here
Minimum withdrawal amount₹100

Features of Hobi Games App

features of hobi games

Some of the main features of the Hobi Games app are-

  1. It is an easy-to-download app with a first-time sign-up bonus of Rs. 31 to Rs. 1000.
  2. It has a smoothly balanced UI that is quite interactive and user-friendly.
  3. It can be played with real people which furthermore increases the user interaction.
  4. It has fast as well as safe deposit and withdrawal options which are processed with the help of your bank account.
  5. The app comes with a series of built-in games which can be played by gamers of different tastes.
  6. You can use this app in multiple languages as the app supports 5 different Indian languages that are Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Marathi.
  7. The app provides you with various time-to-time offers and bonuses.
  8. You can use the Refer and Earn option to earn a lot of money from the app by referring to your friends and family.
  9. The app provides you with a very useful customer service feature in which you can ask the customer service executive about any queries that you have about the app or about any of its games any time of the day that too any day of the week. The executives are quick to respond and try to solve all your problems.

How to Get ₹31 Bonus on Hobi Games APK

To download the app you just have to follow the steps below-

Step 1-  Go to the website from the link.

Step 2- Click on the Download To Play button and the app will start downloading

Step 3- Install the app and open it. Allow all the permissions through your SETTINGS app.

Step 4- To register on the app tap one of the Registration option.

Step 5- Next, Enter your Mobile Number and create your Password and finally verify your Mobile no. through the OTP.

Step 6- The moment you do that you will get an instant sign up bonus of upto Rs. 31. You can withdraw this money anytime in your bank account.

(*The sign-up bonus money can only be withdrawn when a user deposits 5 times more money to play the game.)

Step 7- Lastly you just have to fill in your bank account details by going to the Withdrawal option so that your winnings can be withdrawn easily.

Step 8- Play any game as much as you wish on the app.

How to Deposit Money in Hobi Games Apk

hobi games add cash

Following are the steps to deposit your money in the Hobi Games account.

Step 1- Open the Hobi Games application.

Step 2- In the home page, click on the Add Money option.

Step 3- Then you have to choose how much you want to deposit. You can deposit any amount of minimum  Rs 10 and maximum Rs 1,00,000.

Step 4- Now, if you have already linked your bank account, you just have to verify and the payment will initiate.

Step 4- But if you have not done that you have to complete your KYC, add and verify your Mobile no. and enter your email id. After that, your payment will be processed.

Step 5- The app provides you with various payment options like UPI, bank credit cards, and debit cards which ensure fast and secure payments within the app.

Step 6- Now when the money is deposited, you can use it to play and earn from all the available games provided by the Hobi Games application.

Withdrawal Process in Hobi Games App

To withdraw your money you can follow these steps-

Step 1- Open the Hobi Games application.

Step 2- In the home page, you will see the Withdrawal icon, click on it.

Step 3- Then add your bank account details to which you want your money to be withdrawn.

Step 4- Add the amount of your winnings you want to withdraw and click on the withdraw button.

NOTE- You may also withdraw your sign-up bonus but you have to first add 5 times of it to your Hobi Games account.

Step 6- Your payment will be reflected in your bank account in less than 24 hrs.

Refer & Earn Program and How to Earn Money With Hobi Games

Hobi Games has one of the best Refer and Earn system in the market which is referred to by them as ‘HOBI GAMES AGENT PROGRAM’ which works as a network marketing system. The company claims that this system can help you earn a lot of commission through referrals and that it has ZERO RISK, HIGH RETURNS and ZERO THRESHOLD. It also claims that you can earn more than Rs 100000 every month with the help of this system.

The Company has an extremely simple Commission structure which is summarized in the following paragraph.

All the new players who download and sign up on the app through your link or QR code will automatically become your referrals and count as your downline which later will become your source of income. Every time your referral withdraws money, a tax will be deducted from the amount of money that is being withdrawn, 30 percent of which will be your commission. Furthermore, the people they refer to will also count to your downline and benefit to him as well as you.

To elaborate this in simple words,

If you invite two players P1 and P2 to the app, you will get 30% commission every time they withdraw their earnings. But if those players refer to two more players, say, P1(i) and P2(i), then they will also add up to your downline and you will earn 30% commission from both P1(i) and P2(i) too. That means the more you refer, the more you earn. On top of that, as your downline becomes bigger, you will earn more and more money from them making this a Passive income for you.

Now, how do you refer your friends and avail benefits from the Refer and Earn system of the Hobi Games app?

Steps to Invite Friends & Earn Money

Step 1- Download the app and sign up on it.

Step 2- Open the app and go to the Home page.

Step 3- Then, go to the Refer and Earn option where you will get your unique referral code or referral link.

Step 4- Share this code or link to as many friends as you can. There is no limit as to how many friends you can refer.

Step 5- You can share your code via Email, text messages or social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, etc.

Step 6- You can also promote it by uploading videos in streaming apps like Youtube, Steam, etc., and through blogs and articles.

Step 7- After performing these steps, just sit back and wait for people to sign up on the app. You will automatically start earning without doing a single task afterward.

Daily Deposit Bonus in Hobi Games

All the users of the app are eligible for this offer. You just have to deposit ₹100 or more every day to be able to claim this offer bonus. Once you add cash of ₹100 on the same day you will get 1% of your previous day’s total deposit at 10:00 daily.

You don’t have to tell about the offer to any customer care and there is no cap to the bonus amount.

Is There Weekly Bonus & Progress Bonus in This App?

No. Usually, apps will unlock weekly and progress bonuses after you have deposited ₹500 or more. So to test whether Hobi Games apk has those programs for agents I had to deposit Rs. 500 but after that I didn’t see the weekly bonus option nor the progress bonus option, so clearly it is not available in this rummy app. In terms of the referral program, it is much closer to the Rummy Perfect app than older teen patti apps like Teen Patti Joy and Rummy Modern.

In short, if you are an agent who promotes the app to his viewers and followers then there is no point in adding cash because you will not unlock any benefit or reward at all. But if you are a normal user you can deposit any amount you want without thinking about gaining any extra bonus. In that case make sure you look for add cash offers to get bonus and cash back when you do add money.

VIP Feature in Hobi Games

Hobi Games has a VIP feature which provides a lot of bonuses to its VIP members. To become a VIP member, you just have to add Rs 500 to your Hobi Games account and as soon as you do that, you are a VIP.

Being a VIP means you are eligible for various bonuses and offers like weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, Latest offers, Progress bonuses, etc. It makes the VIPs of the game the most profitable of all.

Games Available on Hobi Games

As mentioned earlier, the Hobi Games app provides you with multiple games that are for experienced players like Rummy and Teen Patti, as well as for inexperienced players like 7 Up 7 Down, Tiger vs Dragon, etc. Hobi Games application comes with 20 different games till date and adds a new game every once in a while. The Hobi Games company has strict rules for players who try to cheat in order to

 win money and instantly block their accounts and seize their winnings. This ensures that all the games are cheat free and are safe to play for everyone.

Hobi Games app also provides a unique tutorial for each of its games so that a player who does not know about the game can learn about it. As there are more than 1 Lakh active payers of the game it makes the multiplayer games more exciting as the players match very fast as a result the game starts without any waiting time.

The information about the games available tilldate on the Hobi Games app is given below-

1- Rummy, It is one of the most rewarding games of all the betting games, in which you have to reduce your score to 0, which is the total value of all the cards that are not part of a valid sequence or set. It requires a good prior experience before you bet real money.

2- Teen patti 20-20, in which a deck of 52 cards is used and each hand is given 3 cards. Then the cards are compared. The hand with the highest card combination is the winner.

3- Dragon vs Tiger,  in which the winner or loser is determined by the size of the face of the card (K-A).

4- Teen Patti, in which the person with the best three-card set wins. The ranking of these sets is Trail or Set > Pure Sequence > Sequence > Color > Pair > High card

5- 7 Up 7 Down, in which you have to guess the outcome of two dices, If you guess the range of outcome, you get 2 times the reward and if you guess the exact number, you get 5 times the reward.

6- Car Roulette, in which you bet on different patterns and odds to win.

7- Roulette, in which a table contains 37 numbers, of which 36 numbers are divided into 3 rows and the 37th number that is 0 is placed in the start of the table. Each time one of the numbers from the range 0-36 appears randomly and the last stop where the ball stops is the lucky number.

8- Deep Sea Awakening, in which you have to catch the fish and your reward is decided by the number of sea creatures you capture.

9- Baccarat, in which one who attains ‘Harmony’, which is when the sum of numbers on the cards is 10 or more, wins the game.

10- Zoo Roulette, in which you bet on animals that are divided into beasts, sharks and birds and win rewards by betting on one of the animals. The game has11 different betting areas each of which have different odds.

11- PUBG, in which a player has no control over the outcome of a slot, that makes it a game which can be won by mere luck by predicting the outcome of the next slot.

12- Honor Of Kings, which is also a prediction game. It is one of the simplest betting games in the portfolio of Hobi Games.

13- Black Jack, in which you have to get 21 points to win and if it exceeds 21 points, you lose.

14- 10 Cards, in which the player with the best sets or sequences of cards wins.

15- Lucky Fruit, in which you have to stay in the betting area to win multiplier rewards.

16- Matka, in which there is a double wheel roulette and the pointer determines the outcome. A person who predicts it rightly, wins the game.

17- Warcraft Roulette, in which you bet on a tribe or an allowance or an individual character and earn money when it unlocks with the tribe and allowance.

18- Andar Bahar, The distributor shuffles the deck and faces it upwards, you have to bet on which card is a ‘JOKER’. Players can choose to bet on either Andar or Bahar.

19- Duel Of The Sea King, is also a sea game and you have to catch fishes for earning your rewards.

20- Andar Bahar Go, which is a lite version of the already existing Andar Bahar game.

Hobi Games APK Customer Care Support

Hobi Game provides you with great customer care support that is active for 24hrs that too every day a week. You can chat with the customer care executives about your problems and they will fix it as soon as they can. You can also ask them any of your queries through G-Mail. The executives are very interactive and respond to your queries with the utmost effort.

Hobi Games APK (FAQs)

What is the wagers problem in Hobi Games?

The wagers will be added to your account in case you receive special bonuses and when you add money to your account. To begin with, the bonus that you get on sign up is also added as wagers that you will have to complete. To complete the wagers, you will have to bet the same amount as shown as wagers.

How to check wagers in Hobi Games APK?

To check your wagers you just have to try to withdraw and you will get the detailed wagers requirement.

Is it true that I can get up to a ₹500 bonus in this app?

Yes, it is true but you will have to be specially invited by the app. If you are not invited than you won’t get the bonus.

What is the smallest amount that I can redeem from Hobi Games?

₹100 is the lowest withdrawable balance.

Can I create multiple accounts in Hobi Games?

No, it is not allowed for one user to create multiple accounts in this app.

Final Words on HobiGames

All the information you need about the Hobi Games application is provided to you in the article. Finally, I wanna conclude that the Hobi Games app is one of the best applications for playing betting casino games that are extremely safe and reliable too. It has a good chance of winning if you know the rules of the individual game you are playing. It has a fast and secure way of depositing and withdrawing money and gives different offers to the VIP player from time to time. On top of that, it has rapid customer support that is available 24/7. The app also restricts hackers or cheaters to play the games. This makes the Hobi Games app one of the best betting apps in the market.

 The app involves financial risks and is to be used on your own risk. It can be loss-making for some of the players. It is advised to play the games only after you see the tutorials and learn about its rules. You can start playing these games with a smaller amount of money which will reduce the high risks of loss. As you get experience you may increase the amount.

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