Rummy Noble Apk(New), My Rummy Noble Download & Get ₹105 Bonus

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rummy noble apk download

The currency of this game chips in the game terminology or can also be referred to as coins. The chips that you collect in this game are equal to the amount of money you can withdraw in terms of the Indian currency(INR). For example, if you earn 100 chips in this game, it means that you can withdraw 100 Rupees and transfer it to your bank account.

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So, in other words, the more chips you earn, the larger the amount of money you can bag through this new Rummy Noble app. There are mainly two ways of increasing your chips. The first method is to participate and win in as many betting sub-games as possible.

The betting games that are present in this game are Roulette, 7 UP Down, Rummy, ICC T20 Predictions, Dragon vs Tiger, Car Roulette, Zoo Roulette, Crash, Andar Bahar, Teenpatti 20-20, Teen Patti, Baccarat, Beast of Five and many more.

New Rummy Noble, My Rummy Noble Apk Download

App NameRummy Noble, My Rummy Noble
Sign up Bonus₹5-₹105
Rummy Noble Apk DownloadClick here

What You’ll Like About the Rummy Noble App

Another method for you to earn chips in this game is to refer and earn. The refer and earn method is a reliable way through which you can increase your chips. It is reliable because the more new players you bring in, the more chip bonus points you will obtain. The refer and earn method not only fetches you bonuses for bringing new people, it also allows you to earn chips depending on the number of games your friends’s play. This method reduces the cost and effort you would have to put in to obtain chips by winning the betting games.

Apart from the two methods mentioned above, Rummy Noble also gives you several other bonuses. These bonuses come in the form of weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, level bonuses. Although, these bonuses are only available if you have VIP privileges, which can be bought for 500 Chips. There are levels of VIP privileges. The lowest level is 1 and the highest level is 20. The higher the level, the greater the number of Chips you will receive for weekly, monthly, and level bonuses. There are also Monday rewards that you can claim by paying a recharge fee for a bonus.

Sign-Up Details of the New Rummy Noble App

rummy noble sign up

The sign-up process in this game is mainly dependent upon your phone number. You can just enter your phone number, set a password, and your login process will be completed. Once your login process is completed, you will also receive an ID number.

This ID number is really important as it is only through this id number that you would be able to share this game with others and earn bonus chips for sharing Noble Rummy link with them. A really cool perk of just signing in to Teen Patti Nobel is that you receive 40 chips for free, meaning you get 40 RS for free for just installing and signing in to your account with your number.

After you login by entering your phone number, you will receive a random name which you can change by clicking on the profile icon on the menu page of the app. Apart from changing your name, you can also change your avatar.

There are a total of 12 avatars to choose from, and all the avatars are vastly different from each other. The avatars differ in their appearance in terms of their accessories, design, and their facial features. The profile picture will appear whenever you play any betting sub-game in this application.

List of Games Playable on My Rummy Noble

rummy noble games

As I mentioned previously, there are many sub-games in this application through which you can increase the number of chips in your account. To be specific, the sub-games have been divided into three categories.

The three categories are Multiplayer, Skill, and Sports.

The Multiplayer category features the highest number of bidding games. To be exact, there

are eleven games that you can play in this category. The eleven games include Dragon VS Tiger, 7 UP Down, Car Roulette, Zoo Roulette, Roulette, Crash, Andar Bahar. Teenpatti 20-20, Baccarat, Best of Five, and 3 Card Poker.

There are certain rules that you have to follow in every game. In order to demonstrate how the games work, I will briefly describe how games are played in the multiplayer category.

In the Dragon vs Tiger game, there are three cards you can place your bets on. These three cards are Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. You will be rewarded depending upon which card type you had bet on, and its value in the pay table.

In 7 UP Down, you have to wager on whether the sum of the numbers that show up on two dice is below 7, is 7, or is above 7. If the total is more than 7 or less than 7, you will be able to obtain payment which is exactly twice the bet amount you had placed. If the sum of the two dice is exactly seven, it will result in you receiving payment 5 times the bet amount you had placed.

In the Car Roulette game, you have to bet on 8 auto logos. Some of the brands in the 8 auto logos include Lamborghini, BMW, Ferrari, and LandRover. The win condition in this game is by placing your bets on the auto-logos which fetch the most money.

In the Zoo Roulette game, the bet is placed on animals.In this sub-game, the animals have been divided into 3 divisions, birds, beasts and sharks. You obtain the payout by placing your bets on the correct animals.

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The Roulette game is based on the European model containing 37 numbers, where 36 numbers are divided into three rows in the ascending number. The remaining number is zero. In order to win, the ball in the roulette board should stop at a number you had placed your bet on. Crash is a game, where you have to choose an amount, place the bet and withdraw the money before the graph chart comes to a halt.

In the Andar Bahar game, there is a deck of 52 cards which are shuffled randomly, and where you can choose to bet on either Andar or Bahar spots for the hand. The payouts will vary depending upon whether you won by betting on Andar or Bahar spots.

TeenPatti 20-20 is also played with a deck of 52 cards. To secure the win, you have to bet on 4 betiing spots, which are Pair+, Bet, Tie, and 6 Card Bonus. In Bacarrat, 4 cards are provided to players and whichever hands are the closest to nine are declared as the winners.

In Best of Five, it is played with a 52 card-deck, where there are 7 card ranks and you win different amounts depending upon the rank you obtain at the end of the game.

In 3 Card Poker, there is one deck of 52 cards with four betting spots, which are Pair+,Ante, Bet and 6 Card Bonus.

As I just described, the games in the Skill and Sports category also follow similar rules, and If you want to know the rules, you can install the application and attempt to play the games yourself.

The Skill category contains less games than the multiplayer category, but more games than the Sports category. It has nine games that you can play. These nine games include Rummy, Teen Patti, Black Jack, Andar Bahar GO, Ludo, Poker, Variation, Fighting Rush and 10 Cards.

The Sports category has the fewest games out of all the three categories with only two games that you can play. These games are ICC T20 predictions, and the sports bidding game.

New Rummy Noble Cash Withdrawal Process

The collectibles in this game are called Chips. As mentioned earlier, the chips reflect the exact amount you can withdraw in terms of the Indian Currency(INR) and you start with 41 Chips or 41 INR in your account after you log into Noble Rummy Apk with your phone number.

There are mainly two ways through which you convert chips into INR and transfer them to your bank account. The first method is that you provide your bank account details, which must include your account number, username, IFSC Code, the bank through which you have opened your account, and the email address associated with your bank account. After providing these details, you can just select the withdrawal option, and you will have the money transferred to your account.

The second method is that you provide your UPI address, username, as well as the number associated with your UPI address. After you complete this process, the cash in INR will be transferred to your UPI account.

One convenient aspect regarding the withdrawal process is that Rummy Noble also provides you with a safe, where you can keep the chips you do not want to withdraw. This is a useful tool as it saves you from unintentionally withdrawing more chips than you intended.

There are a few advantages that come with the withdrawal system of this game. The first advantage is that the chips can be withdrawn at any time of the day. Another advantage is that the application does not charge you any transaction fee for the withdrawal process. Lastly, the chips are converted and credited to your account in INR within a few minutes, without any substantial delays.

My Rummy Noble Refer and Earn System

The Refer and Earn System, which I briefly described in my introduction, is one of the easiest ways through which you can earn chips in theRummy Noble In order to use this method, you need to obtain a Refer Chip. The Refer Chips can be obtained after you finish filling up your registration and completing your KYC.

Once you obtain the Refer Chip, you can share the link to download Rummy Noble with your friends on WhatsApp, and Facebook. Once your friend or friends sign in to their accounts, you will receive bonus chips. You will not only receive bonus chips when your friends sign up but also when they participate in bidding games of the app. You will be granted bonus chips irrespective of whether they win or lose.

To be specific, If you are able to make a single friend sign up for the app, you will be rewarded eighty Chips. Similarly, you will gain ten extra chips for adding another friend and ten more for adding one more friend. So, In total, you will gain 100 Chips for being able to add three more users to the app.

Adding Cash in Rummy Noble Apk & Deposit offers

rummy noble coin shop

In this application, you can also purchase chips with INR. This option is provided at the menu page, and is displayed on the screen as the pay option. By selecting the pay option, you will be able to see the different prices of buying Chips. The lowest price is buying eleven and the highest prize is for buying 1 lakh Chips.

This application also provides an option through which you can resolve any doubts or queries that you have regarding the game by asking the people who are closely associated with the management of the game.

The option to contact them is displayed after you click the pay icon in the menu. Once you select the pay icon, you enter the shop of this game, where as I mentioned earlier, there is an option of increasing your chips by paying in Indian Currency(INR) to the game. Besides that option, there is the support icon, where you would be able to see the means through which you can contact game developers for your queries. The means to contact them which are displayed on the support icon dashboard are through WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram.

Is Rummy Noble App Available in India?

Rummy Noble is a smartphone application where you can earn money by mainly two approaches. The first approach is where you play the various games present in the app and win as many bets as possible.The second approach is where you share the download link of the game with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other forms of social media. Sharing this game with your friends will bring you bonus chips in the game not only after they sign up , but also based on how many games they play on the app irrespective of whether they win or lose.

\There are also VIP levels in the Rummy Noble app from level 1 to level 20, where the higher the level you buy, the more weekly, monthly, and level bonuses you will get.

The games in the application are mainly divided into three categories, the Multiplayer Category, the Sports Category and the Skill Category. In total, there are 21 betting games in the app, with 11 games in the Multiplayer Category, 9 games in the Skill Category, and 2 games in the Sports Category.

What are Chips in Rummy Noble?

As I mentioned earlier, the collectible items in this game are Chips. These Chips show the exact amount you earn in this game in terms of INR. All players are given 41 chips by the application after they successfully sign up. These 41 Chips can also be withdrawn as 41 Rupees.

In order to sign in to the game, you only need to add a phone number and set a password. After you have logged in, you can customise your profile including your name, profile avatar, and change your password.

The withdrawal system of Noble Rummy app is clear-cut. You can either convert and transfer the chips to your bank account by entering your account details or transfer the chips to your UPI address by entering the UPI details. UPI can be more preferable to you because Rummy Noble only contains options of National Banks like SBI, HDFC, but may not have a state or a regional bank.

Also, you can save the Chips you do not wish to withdraw to a safe provided by the game. The application does not charge a transaction fee for transferring the Chips to your account and the funds are transferred to your account within a few minutes after you enter your UPI or bank account details.


Lastly, the application also provides you with the option of buying Chips with your actual money in INR. The highest number of chips you can buy is 1 lakh and the lowest number of Chips you can buy is eleven. Also, if you have any doubts or queries about the game, you can also contact the WhatsApp and Telegram accounts the game developers have provided in the application.

In a nutshell, this online gaming application allows you to earn money by playing betting games. With its convenient withdrawal and refer and earn system, new players can easily start earning and withdraw Chips from the app with not much difficulty. This app is surely a must for those who have a genuine knowledge of betting games and who aim to make additional income out of it.

Rummy Noble FAQ(s)

What is the bonus amount for new users in Rummy Noble apk?

The bonus for new users, when they bind their mobile number is ₹5. And if you are an invited user then you can get up to ₹105 mobile bind bonus.

What is the smallest add cash amount in Noble Rummy Apk?

The smallest amount that you can recharge your account with is ₹20.

What is the total number of games available on Rummy Noble apk?

The Noble Rummy App has over 20 games that have been divided into various categories like Multiplayer, Skill, etc.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount in Rummy Noble?

₹100 is the minimum withdrawal amount in this rummy app.

What is the maximum withdrawal amount?

Although there is no limit mentioned, you should not withdraw ₹50,000 or more at once.

What is the name of the company that owns Rummy Noble?

Unfortunately, it is unknown. But it can be downloaded from GetRummyApp.Com.

Can I create multiple accounts in Noble Rummy App?

Yes, you can but always use a different mobile device, or else your accounts will get banned.

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