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Magic Rummy Apk Download, Magic Rummy Review, Rummy Magic Referral Code, Rummy Magic App Download. Magic Rummy is an old rummy apk with many sign up and deposit offers. You are looking for new rummy apps and this might be the one that will fulfill your rummy gaming needs. The app offers a smooth user interface and simple design so that anyone can use the app without going through a learning phase.

magic rummy apk

Covid-19 has really helped apps like Rummy Magic to blossom and users who are skilled in Rummy get a chance to earn money using their knowledge and skills. The Sign up bonus on this rummy app is more than ₹500. But getting the new user bonus is not as simple as downloading the app and binding Rummy Magic Apk Referral Code. These are some of the steps that you need to follow to get the bonus.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can download the apk of Magic Rummy and how you can receive a whopping ₹510 bonus amount on sign up. While we are at it, I’m also going to explain what the withdrawal procedure is and how you can earn money by just sharing your referral code.

Rummy Magic Apk Download

App NameMagic Rummy
Sign up Bonusup to ₹520 + ₹25
Official WebsiteGetRummyApp.Com
Refer and Earn₹25
Download Rummy Magic AppClick Here

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How to Install Magic Rummy Apk on Android

1. Go to GetRummyApp.Com and select the Magic Rummy app.

2. This will take you to the official download page of the app.

3. Click on the download link to begin the download.

4. Wait for the Magic Rummy apk to be downloaded and after that install it.

What is the Sign up Process for Rummy Magic App

1. Follow the steps above to download and install this rummy app.

2. Open the app. Here you have two options you can either register with your mobile or you can sign up with Google or Facebook.

rummy magic app

3. In this step you need to enter your mobile number and proceed. Then you will receive an OTP that you need to enter the specified field in the app to verify your mobile number and create your account on the app.

4. Apply the Magic Rummy Referral Code:- ZLSW-331

magic rummy referral code

5. Now, the steps following this will explain to you how you can get ₹510 bonus

How to Claim ₹510 Bonus

After you have logged into the app you will see the big banner in the center of the screen. Click on the banner. On the screen that pops up will be the guide that explains to you how you can claim the total bonus. But the whole amount won’t be disbursed at once. You can claim the bonus in steps as you complete the tasks.

rummymagic 510 bonus

The ₹510 bonus is part of the 7 day login bonus plan of the Magic Rummy app. So you can get a scratch card every day and get bonus rewards.

magic rummy scratch card

For example, you can get ₹10 easily just by scratching the card once. And to get ₹30 you have to scratch the card four times a day.

So as you saw above, it is really easy to get more bonuses on the Magic Rummy app. Just scratch cards and get a bonus.

Magic Rummy Refer and Earn System

magic rummy promote and win

Magic Rummy Offers Refer and Earn System to its users, where you can refer your friend to the game and can earn a bonus.

How to use Refer and Earn:

To use Refer and Earn, you have to click on the “Refer and Earn” option on the lower side of the screen. You will see your code there, which you can send to your friend. When they apply your code, your friend will get 25 Rupees Cash and you will get 3500 Rupees Cash. You can invite unlimited Friends since this system is for an unlimited number of Times.

If you are referred by someone and want to use their referral code, you can apply it during Login Time. After using the code, you will get a 25 Rupees bonus.

Magic Rummy Referral Code

Rummy Magic Referral CodeZLSW-331

How to Withdraw Money From Magic Rummy App

Magic Rummy offers the best user-friendly withdrawal process. The amount user chooses to withdraw gets deducted from his Magic Rummy Wallet, which disallows him to use that amount for playing in-game modes.

Below are the steps to withdraw Money from Magic Rummy Application:
1. Open the Magic Rummy Application on your Mobile.

2. Click on Paytm Wallet and then click on “withdraw”.

3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your Withdrawable Balance.

4. Click on the submit button to make a Request.

Note :
1. You should complete KYC Verification ( Approved Address / Approved Bank Details / Approved Valid ID Proof ) before your withdrawal request .

2. Withdrawing Balance should be more than 100 Rupees.

3. Maximum Daily Limit of Withdrawing is Rupees 50,000.

How to Play Games on Rummy Magic Apk

On signing up, every user gets a welcome bonus of 510 Rupees to start playing their first Rummy Game on Magic Rummy. Apart from that Magic Rummy have various deposit codes which give extra bonuses on depositing money . Here are some Bonus Codes :

1. FIRST  – Get Rs 100 for just Rs 50 |Rs 50 Cash Extra|For First-time depositors

2. SPECIAL– Get Rs 200 for just Rs 99 |Rs 101 Cash Extra | Offer Valid during your Birthday Month. Happy Birthday!  

3. GOLDMINE – This offer is truly a Goldmine and a very popular amongst power users. Get Rs 25,500 for Rs 25,000 | Rs 500 Cash Extra + 150 Golden Tickets 

Now since we have learned how to deposit and withdraw money, let’s see how to pay Rummy Online :

To know how to play Rummy online, we have to understand a few things.

The objective of the Game:

The objective of the game of Rummy is to create sequences and sets from the cards you hold in your hand. Creating valid sequences and sets faster than any of your opponents gives you a better chance of winning this game.

Fundamental Points of the game :

1. Rummy is a game played between two and six players.

2. Rummy is played with 2 deck of cards with 13 cards distributed to each and every player.

3. The required sequence of cards, as prescribed by the rules of the game should follow this strict order – Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen and King.

4. The value of ‘Face cards’ ( the Jack, the King and the Queen) is 10 points each.

5. The value of an Ace card is 10 points when making sets.

6. A Number card is worth the same number of points as the number printed on it.

7. An Ace can be considered as of value 1 in sequence.

Magic Rummy KYC

Magic Rummy is one of the few rummy apps that require you to complete your KYC. If you are new to this term let me tell you. KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It is the verification of one’s identity by a company. In this case Magic Rummy.

How to Complete KYC in Rummy Magic

  1. Open the app and click on the Profile icon.
  2. Now you will see the “verify” button. Click on it.
  3. Now submit your PAN card for KYC.
  4. Wait for it to be completed.

Magic Rummy KYC Update

The KYC Update is the term used to refer to the verification of your document as well. So completing KYC and updating KYC are the same thing. You can follow the steps above to easily update your KYC on Magic Rummy App.


Overall, Magic Rummy has the best User Interface, Rewards, and literally the best Rummy Game on Android or IOS. It has multiple game modes, so players will never get bored playing only one. Every mode has its own earning scheme. In my own opinion, it is one of the easiest ways to earn while playing with no cons. One can play it in his/her free time, compete with different players and test their luck and skill, and can win a reward.

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