Rummy Aura Apk Download & Get ₹51 Bonus | ₹100 Per Refer

Rummy Aura App Download, Rummy Aura Apk Download, Teen Patti Aura. Rummy Aura is a smartphone application with a collection of many betting games that you can enjoy, and at the same time, you are able to stack up on the currency of Rummy Aura known as consumer chips. These consumer chips can be then converted into actual cash, which can be transferred to your bank account. Till now, Rummy Aura can only be played in the English and Hindi languages. However, new languages are going to be added soon by Rummy Aura developers to make Rummy Aura more attune to the masses. Rummy Aura is also targeted toward only mature audiences who are eighteen years old or above that age limit.

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There are a lot of perks and advantages Rummy Aura provides to its users. One major benefit is that Rummy Aura has an entire portal dedicated to resolving your issues and problems with Rummy Aura. So, in this mini portal, you can raise your questions in the form of tickets.

So, once you select the help and support option from the starting menu of Rummy Aura, you are directed to this portal. Within the portal, there is an icon for adding a ticket. After you select that option, a pop-up screen appears asking you to write and submit your issue. Once you have clicked on submit, the query can then finally be resolved by Rummy Aura developers.

There is a table with rows and columns, which shows you the number of queries you have raised till now, the ticket number for each query, and the status of the query, showing whether it has been resolved or not.

New Rummy Apps:

Rummy Aura Apk Download

App NameRummy Aura
Sign up Bonus₹51
Refer and EarnCommission
Minimum withdrawal₹100
Rummy Aura App DownloadClick here

Due to its highly detailed support system, the Rummy Aura application stands out from other gaming apps in the same niche. Another advantage that Rummy Aura provides is the simple, and structured user interface for the players. In other words, the starting menu is designed in a way that you are able to navigate through the app very easily. The various games of the app are not crammed into one menu, instead, they are divided into four categories. These four categories are represented by the four small icons on the menu screen. Selecting any of the four options leads to six different games for all four categories.

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Lastly, the main advantage of Rummy Aura lies in the fact that it features different types of games in various genres like action, card games Roulette, etc. Because of the diversity of games, you can play those games where your strengths lie and in the process, earn more consumer chips. In fact, even if you are a beginner in the betting games category, there are simple games that you can play to earn consumer coins. Cricket Slot and Pirate Slot are some of the examples of games that you can easily excel at.

About Rummy Aura Apk

Rummy Aura is a top-notch and leading application in the online gaming industry in general. It is an online-multiplayer application, meaning that you compete with players from around the world. As the app is global, you can play Rummy Auras in Rummy Aura application any time you want, and you will undoubtedly find players.

Rummy Aura is also free from any legal issues and even has been recognized as a legal entity by governments across the world like India. It is not only available to play on smartphone devices, but can also be played on computers, tablets, and laptops. Rummy Aura application also adheres to strict guidelines of the government, so you can be assured that your data and information will be safe with Rummy Aura and you will not run into scams.

The online gaming application surfaced in 2022. It also has a simple cash-withdrawal system in Rummy Aura and you can be guaranteed to not encounter any problems while transferring your consumer chips to your bank account. This is because the application and website are regularly upgraded by Rummy Aura developers and they make sure to remove any glitches or errors that Rummy Aura might contain with each update of the app.

Sign-Up Process of Rummy Aura Apk

Once you install and open the Rummy Aura application, you have to sign in to Rummy Aura. Unlike other online games, the Rummy Aura application does not allow you to play as a guest. In fact, you have to provide your number and verify your number with a six-digit OTP. After you have verified your number, you will have to set a password.

After completing this process, you are finally allowed to enter and play Rummy Aura. You are automatically also assigned an animated picture. In Rummy Aura, you are not automatically assigned a random name.

To add your name, you have to click on your profile picture, and then a sidebar will appear. Once you scroll down the sidebar, an option of My Profile will appear. You will have to select that option. Once you select that option, another menu will appear covering the entire starting screen.

The menu will ask you for your name, city and date of birth, and preferred language featuring two choices, English or Hindi, and the OTP of your number. After you enter these details, your name will appear in your profile, and the name will be used whenever you play any online game on Rummy Aura application. In Rummy Aura, for your profile picture, you can also select photos of yourself from your gallery. If you do not want to reveal your face in Rummy Aura, then you can also choose any animated picture you like, and post that as your profile picture.

Games Available in Rummy Aura

  1. Rummy
  2. Teen Patti
  3. Baccarat
  4. Andar Bahar
  5. Jhandi Munda
  6. Teen Patti Variation
  7. Poker
  8. Ludo
  9. Andar Bahar Pro
  10. Black Jack
  11. Sorat
  12. Baccarat 15
  13. 12 Cards
  14. Single Chance
  15. Single Chance Time Limit
  16. 16 Cards
  17. Single Chance Less Table
  18. Triple Chance Time Limit
  19. Triple Chance
  20. American Roulette
  21. American Roulette Faster Time
  22. European Roulette
  23. Mini Roulette
  24. Cricket Slot
  25. Barbarian Slot
  26. Arabian Slot
  27. Era of Thar
  28. Frozen Slot
  29. Eatstreet Slot
  30. Goldmine Slot
  31. Jungle Slot
  32. Panda Slot
  33. Rise of Devils
  34. Royal Slot
  35. Underwater Slot

Aura Rummy Apk Invite and Earn System

In Rummy Aura, there is also the invite and earn system of earning consumer chips in Rummy Aura. This feature is especially useful for those people who would not like to spend too much time in Rummy Aura earning consumer chips but would still want to earn a decent amount of cash from Rummy Aura.

After you complete your sign-up process, you will be provided a Referral Code. The invite and earn option is also present in the sidebar that opens after you tap your profile on the menu screen. In that sidebar, you will find the invite and earn option.

After you select the invite and earn option, a small pop-up screen will appear showing your Referral Code and the share option. You can click on the share button to share your Referral Code with your friends through all of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, Twitter, and many more virtual platforms that have come up in recent years,

Sharing the Referral Code with others would allow you to earn consumer chips in Rummy Aura as soon as your friends install Rummy Aura using your Referral Code and sign-up for Rummy Aura. This means that the more friends download Rummy Aura using your Referral Code, the more consumer chips you would be able to earn in Rummy Aura.

How Can I Withdraw Money From Rummy Aura Apk?

The cash withdrawal process of Rummy Aura is very easy to comprehend even for players, who are not well acquainted with the transaction process of online games. So, to withdraw your cash, you have to click on your profile once again and open the sidebar. Once you open the sidebar, you will have to scroll down a little bit to find the cash withdrawal option.

Selecting the withdrawal option will open another menu on top of your existing game menu. The menu shows two options for the transfer of consumer chips to your bank account. The first option is you can fill in your bank account details like account number, IFSC Code, account holder name, bank name, branch name, and also an image of your passbook and the process will be complete. So, once you enter these details, the transfer of consumer chips will occur within a few minutes and they will be transferred to your bank account.

Another method is that you can transfer the Consumer chips to your UPI account, In order to transfer your consumer chips to your UPI account, you just need to enter your UPI address. After you enter your UPI address, the transaction will occur in a few minutes. However, there is one thing you need to do before you will be able to transfer your consumer chips to your bank account.

You will need to provide identity authentication to the application for its KYC process. So, this can include the image of your Aadhar Card, the card number, and the email address associated with your Aadhar card. You can also enter another identity card like your driver’s license or your PAN account to ensure that your identity is verified by the application. Once you successfully complete this KYC process of the application, you will be able to go ahead with transferring consumer coins to your bank account.

Rummy Aura Deposit Offers

Currently there are these deposit offers in this new rummy app that you can easily take advantage of and earn extra cash back.

Up to ₹500 Bonus:

  • You can get 20% bonus on your deposit.
  • The minimum amount that you need to deposit is ₹100.
  • No code is required.

Rummy Aura FAQ

What is the sign-up bonus in the Rummy Aura apk?

You can get up to ₹51 bonus in the Aura Rummy apk.

Is there a daily login bonus in the Rummy Aura app?


How do I check my wallet in Aura Rummy apk?

To check your wallet in the Rummy Aura app you need to go to Menu and select the My Wallet option.

How can I add money in the Rummy Aura app?

Adding money in this new rummy app is easy and can be done in a few seconds.

  1. Open the app and tap Add.
  2. Now select an amount or enter a custom amount that you want to add.
  3. Make the payment via UPI or Credit/Debit card.

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