Microworkers: A Perfect Alternative to Mturk

When I was looking for different websites to earn money online, I never thought, I could get paid for little online jobs, like, watching videos, liking a Facebook page, subscribing to a YouTube channel, etc. I mean, we do those things every day.!
Such websites are called Crowd sourcing websites.
Employers hire workers (you) to do a job online. And after you finish the task, you need to submit proof that you completed the task (the proof will be specified by the employer)
Thrilled, I searched for the best Crowdsourcing Website and found Amazon’s MTurk. But, sadly MTurk did not accept me as a worker. It didn’t even give me the reason as to why they refused my application. My assumption is that they don’t accept workers from India.
After this, I found Microworkers.
Microworkers may not be as good as MTurk but it is better than other such websites. And absolutely, it’s not a scam.
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Now, let’s know more about Microworkers:-

What is Microworkers:

Microworkers is an international platform where you can get paid for doing simple micro jobs.
Main types of jobs available on Microworkers are:
  • Sign up (0.10-$0.12)
  • Search and Visit (0.05-$0.07)
  • Like an FB page (0.05-$0.07)
  • Subscribe to a YouTube channel ($0.10)
  • Comment
  • Write a small review of 50-100 words (1-$5)

How do I earn money?

If you wish to look for “micro jobs”, click on the Tasks link and browse through the hundreds of listed tasks. Each task will display a set of instructions, the time to complete it and the amount you will earn for finishing the job. If you believe you can finish the task, click on Accept to accept this job, and the page will display a form where you can enter the proof required by the Employer. Otherwise, click on Cancel if you do not wish to perform the job.

What is a Success Rate and why do I need to maintain it?

The Microworkers Success Rate ensures Employers that they get quality results from the campaigns they are running. This feature prevents workers from posting spam or fake proofs, and low-quality output of the tasks they perform.

Poorly performed tasks will give you a negative rating and will pull your Success Rate down. To maintain a high Success Rate, make sure to only accept tasks you are capable of completing.


What is a Microworkers PIN?

Withdrawals require a PIN in order to be activated. Your PIN is mailed to your home/mailing address after placing first withdrawal request. This is an automated process. The reason why PIN is mailed to one’s mailing address is to ensure that all Workers are verified, thus, preventing multiple accounts. Once the PIN is mailed, such status will be displayed in your account and a link will appear on your page where you may enter your PIN once it is received.
After such is completed, your withdrawals will be activated.
***Note that the PIN process is only performed for the first withdrawal request and will no longer be repeated once your withdrawals are activated.
PIN delivery can take between 1-4 weeks, depending on your mailing service and location.
Please ensure you have entered your correct mailing address. An option to request a new PIN is displayed on your page if such is not received. A $2 fee will be deducted from your account balance if you opt to request a new PIN.

For succeeding withdrawals, a withdrawal PIN to one’s email is sent in order to complete the withdraw request.

Payment Methods:

The minimum amount required to place a withdrawal request is 9$.
Payments are sent twice a week every Wednesday and Sunday through Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers) or Dwolla.

Are you already a member of Microworkers please share your thoughts and experience via comments.

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