K.O Trivia App Review: How it Works?(PayPal Payment proof)

k.o trivia review

Now K.O Trivia is only available for US residents.

K.O(Knockout) Trivia is a quiz based money-making app where you can earn by answering trivia questions whenever you are free. And I mean literally, quizzes are live 24/7 on K.O Trivia. That’s what they say on the Play Store and it is true.

Earlier you could participate in quizzes, compete against other players to win a given prize like $5 PayPal cash, gift cards and more. And the prizes were sent to you within 48 hours. So there was no hassle of accumulating points so you could redeem rewards. But that also meant that to get any prize you must win the quiz.

But, in the recent update, a lot of things have changed. In this K.O Trivia review, you’ll learn all the things that you need to know to start earning some money with the app.

Playing Quizzes on K.O Trivia:

It’s pretty simple tap on any quiz that is about to start or you want to join.

Once the timer hits 0 the quiz will start.

All questions are MCQs. So you just have to select the right option.

You will have limited time to answer every question. Mostly it’s 10 seconds but sometimes a question comes for which you only have 5 seconds to answer.

And if none of the participants answer a question correctly you’ll all be moved on to the next question.

Another thing that I liked about K.O Trivia is that it is not only the 1st rankers who win but also other players with lower ranks. Depending on the quiz. For example in the screenshot below you can see that the top 7 players will win.

But the problem is don’t know how many participants are gonna win unless you join and win the quiz.

Here’s How the Quizzes on K.O Trivia Works:
1. Choose a tournament to compete for.

2. Players get Knocked Out from the tournament as they answer questions wrong and run out of lives.

3. Last longer than other players in trivia tournaments and win more coins! This means there is an unlimited number of questions. And the last man standing wins the first prize.

4.Redeem coins in the rewards store for cash and real prizes

Timing & Prizes of Quizzes:

Well like I said you can play unlimited quizzes on K.O Trivia 24/7 with various amounts of coins.

Coins earned can be redeemed for Cash, Gift Cards, and real prizes.


Like many other quiz apps Knockout also lets you use Lives that helps you keep playing the quiz even after an incorrect answer.

You can use up to 2 lives per game.

You can earn lives by watching video ads. 1 ad = 1 life.


Stages are one of the new features they introduced in the update. The prizes(amount of coins) you can win in the trivia depends on the level/stage at which you are. The higher your level is greater the number of coins in the prize pool.

You can increase your level by playing the stage quiz. Every stage-quiz is based on topics like Food, brand logo etc and has 3 questions. You need to answer all the questions correctly to level-up.

You will also earn coins when you level up.

Is K.O Trivia Legit or Scam:

It is a legit app. Below is my PayPal payment proof:

ko trivia paypal payment proof

Should You Join KO?

Yes. K.O Trivia is one of the best quiz apps that give the user the opportunity to win cash in their free time.  And since there is no limit of time on the quizzes, you can play anytime.

And if you are from America you’ll have a better chance of winning than the participants from other countries like India. Because KO Trivia is a US-based start-up so it is natural that question will be easier for US natives.

Don’t worry if you are from India or other countries you can still win with some luck and knowledge.

InfoSmush Rating: 4 out of 5. 

Try it

Did I miss something? What do you think of K.O Trivia? Please share your opinion via the comment box down below.

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