How To Earn Rs.20 Paytm Cash Every Day Within 2 Minutes

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In this post, you’ll learn how you can earn Rs.20 every day by just playing two contests on TopQuiz. If you are not aware of the TopQuiz app here’s a quick overview:

TopQuiz is an Android app where you can earn paytm cash for free. All you have to do is participate in contests and play quizzes.

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How to Earn Rs. 20 Every Day with TopQuiz App:

For starters join the “COINS CONVERTER SPECIAL- 100% WINNERS” contest. As the title suggests, every participant wins. In this contest, you will win Rs.5.
The second contest is a bit tricky.
The contest’s name is TQ Champions League- All winners. Like the first contest, everyone wins in this one too. But the number of participants is only 50. So the seats are filled pretty quickly- in just a few seconds. So to participate, you’ll need to be very quick.
This contest starts at 3:00 PM.
To join this contest:
  1. Open the TopQuiz app before 3 PM
  2. Go to Upcoming contests tab. There you’ll see the TQ Champions League- All Winners contest.
  3. When the clock strikes 3, select the contest and hit the Play button. If you get ‘Contest not open’ error try again.
While you are answering the questions don’t try to be too quick. Try to answer all the questions correctly to increase your chances of ranking below 25. Because participants ranking from 1-25 win Rs.15 and the rest Rs.5.
So that’s how you can win Rs. 20 every day.

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