Clickworker Review: Earn Money For Completing Tasks

With Clickworker you can earn money by completing micro-tasks/micro-jobs. Clickworker was launched in 2010 and has more than 1 million clickworkers.

clickworker review

Clickworker divides big projects into small tasks that regular internet users can complete. After the tasks are complete all the pieces are put together according to the project. Clickworker works with companies and clients all over the world and hence users from most countries can join as contributor/clickworker to earn money.

What Type of Tasks Are Available on Clickworker?

The jobs on Clickworker may be related to writing, translating, researching, proofreading, and app testing. More types of tasks are added depending on the need of the project.

For example, sometimes you just have to record a phrase.

You will receive tasks based on your profile which contains information like your education, bio, skills, etc.

How Clickworker Works:

After you have completed your profile you’ll see all the available jobs on your dashboard.

The types of jobs you get depend on your profile and location. For example, if you are a professional something you are more likely to receive tasks that match your profession(if available).

But for students and non-professionals, the available tasks don’t require any particular skills.

If you are a copywriter you can select the type of texts you are skillful at.

To increase your chances of getting writing jobs: upload samples of your work.

To add work sample go to your Clickworker Profile.

Select the Text category, headline, and paste sample text.

Some jobs are mobile specific. In my case, all of the jobs needed to be done on a mobile device.

Immediately after completing my profile I got 15 jobs and all of them could only be completed on mobile.

You might get different tasks depending on the factors mentioned earlier. But if you do get mobile specific tasks, don’t worry the Clickworker app is available for both Android & iOS.

After you click on start you’ll see the instructions for the job. Some jobs might not have instructions on the “Accept Job” page most of the time they are available when you accept the job.

Time Limit is the time that you’ll have to complete and send the job after you have accepted it. The countdown starts as soon as you accept the job.

Your completed and accepted jobs are available in Work History.

Recruit Clickworker:

You can earn more by inviting your friends to Clickworker. You will get EUR 5.00 after your referred user has earned EUR 10.00.

Your friends must sign up with your referral link.

Clickworker App:

The Clickworker app is available for both Android and iOS devices. But there are some bugs.

The issues I faced are:

  • Tasks (sometimes) are not sent.
  • All the mobile jobs listed on the website don’t appear in the app.

Payment Methods & Minimum Payout:

If you hate to reach payment thresholds, you’ll love this: You just need EUR 1 to withdraw. Most tasks pay more than that. So you might be able to get paid just after your first (successful) job.

You can get paid by a SEPA transfer (for most European countries) or PayPal.

UHRS(Universal Human Relevance System):

UHRS is clickworker’s partner website where you can find more tasks. It normally deals with categorization of internet data & web pages, comparison of voice recordings or checking texts for specific contents.

But not all Clickworkers can access UHRS. UHRS is only available in 20 countries.

Find more about it here


Clickworker is a great site to earn some extra money in your spare time. Even if you don’t have any particular skills you can still earn with Clickworker.

And with the Clickworker app, you can complete tasks on the go. Whenever you want.

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