2Captcha Review: It is Legit But….

2captcha review

2Captcha is a company that provides 2 services- 1st is captcha solving service starting at the rate of $0.5 per 1000 captchas, and 2nd: it pays the workers (you) for solving captchas.

I have been aware of 2Captcha for a while now, but never tried it. I knew solving captchas cannot be much profitable and not to forget they are annoying like hell. But then I thought I should join the site; to explore and tell you about through this review.

I admit I wasn’t expecting much, but s2Captcha was a huge disappointment….

Read the whole 2Captcha review to find out how my experience was and why you should be miles away from this.

What is 2Captcha?

2Captcha is a website where users can earn money by solving captchas.

You can make from $0.05 to $1 for 1000 captchas solved. The rate of captchas varies, so it is not possible to find the exact number of captchas you need to solve to earn $1. For example; you will earn more when the number of online users is less and captchas are available in abundance.

Ways to Earn From 2Captcha:

I include this section in all of my reviews to help you figure out how much you can earn. So you can decide for yourself- does the site worth your time?

So here are the ways to earn on 2Captcha.com:


This is the primary method to earn from 2Captcha.

But before you get ‘paid captchas’ you will have to take a training which consists of 39 captchas. This training will help you get familiar with the various types of captchas and how to solve them. It will take 5-10 min. to complete the training.

After completing this training, you will finally be able to earn something. Right?

Nope…. This is when the real shock comes. You won’t be earning something.

You would be picking tiny pieces of ‘something’.

Yes, the amount, per captcha, you earn is extremely low, it is even less than $0.001. I solved those 39 captchas only to earn an amount which was less than what I would earn on PTC (paid-to-click) sites.

You can see in the video below that I earned a meager $0.00136 for solving 5 captchas:

However, earning per captcha wasn’t the worst part. The most frustrating part was the time each captcha took to load (and the speed your internet connection has nothing to do with this).

I thought if I can solve the captchas faster I will earn more and spend less time. But no matter how quickly I solve the captchas they just arrive like a snail. They take 10-15 seconds to appear (you must have noticed that in the video).

As you saw in the video, I solved 5 captchas, earned $0.00136 and spent 2 minutes and 17 seconds (137 seconds). 

So, to earn $1.36, you will have 137000 seconds which is equal to 38.05 hours! Wow, so much time would be wasted for just $1.

We are not idiots to solve their captchas for such a miserable amount. No, thanks. Keep your captchas and money to yourself, we don’t need ‘em.

2Captcha has a 3 level reputation system. You will start with reputation 1 and get promoted to the next level for every 1000 captchas. According to 2Captcha members with reputation 3 can set reCaptcha filter to get only reCaptchas (reCaptchas pay more).

2Captcha Software:
2Captcha software will help you get more reCaptchas.

It is available for Windows and Android.

You will need to sign in to Gmail account before getting captchas in the software.

2Captcha Referral Program:

You will earn 10% of your referrals earnings. But this as useless as the data (captcha) entry job. Because your referrals will only make $0.0004-0$.001 (so will you) per captcha and you will get 10% of that (0.00004-0.0001). So when your referral earns $1 (if he has the patience of snail), you will get $0.1.


In this 2Captcha review, I have repeated this fact – earnings on 2Captcha are super low- over and over again. Because even joining this site would be an utter waste of time. You could be spending hours solving captchas and still won’t see any reasonable change in your income. In fact, PTC sites like Neobux are far better than 2Captcha.

And of course, their referral program is of no use too, since your referrals earn pennies.

So, 2Captcha is a legit site but not recommended at all.

You would be better off joining these legit rewards sites:

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  1. Denys

    Sometimes I work on 2captcha.com and I can say it’s mostly worth the effort. It’s legit site and you can earn a few dollars for a few hours of work, but you’ll need to use desktop application to solve ReCaptcha faster (in 2 windows simultaneously). The good thing also is that you can get payout in Bitcoin starting from $1.

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