Cashwallet App Review: Is it Worth Your Time?

cashwallet review

CashWallet is an app available for Android users which lets you earn some extra cash by completing offers and surveys. 

In this review you will learn:

  • Ways to earn on CashWallet
  • Referal system
  • What are Coins & Premium Coins
  • Rewards
  • Pros and Cons

Ways to Earn:

  • Video Ads
  • Surveys
  • App offers
  • Refer and earn
  • Daily Bonus of 20 coins

Referral System:

On CashWallet you can earn 200 Premium coins per referral.

Your referrals will also get 50 Premium coins when they enter your invite code. For example, when you enter my invite code you will get 50 Premium coins.

But your referral can only enter your invite code after he/she has earned 500 premium coins.

My invite code: 786d517c

What are Coins & Premium Coins?

With Premium coins, you can redeem Premium Rewards. 
What are Premium Rewards?: Rewards that have a Premium mark below them are premium rewards and require premium coins to be redeemed. 
These are Premium Rewards:
  • PayPal Cash
  • Amazon Voucher
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Paytm Cash and more

How can you earn Premium coins: You can earn premium coins by completing App Install Offers and Surveys.
Coins: The coins that you earn by completing video offers and Daily Bonus are not counted as Premium coins. And with these coins you can get the following rewards:
  • Paytm cash
  • Mobile Recharge
The difference between Coins and Premium coins is their value. For example; you need 1,000 coins for Rs. 20 Paytm cash but you need only 300 premium coins for the same.
rewards and premium rewards

Premium coins are also a little difficult to earn as compared to Coins


You can redeem your coins and Premium coins for the following rewards:
  • Paytm Cash
  • PayPal Cash
  • Amazon Voucher
  • Flipkart Voucher
  • Steam Voucher
  • Mobile Recharge
  • Google Play Gift Card

Pros of CashWallet:

  • Lots of ways to earn
  • Good amount of redeeming options
  • Refer and Earn

Cons of CashWallet:

  • Too many ads. There are so many ads that it is a headache to navigate through the app. AppKarma is way better than CashWallet in this regard.
  • Although you can earn 200 Premium coins per referral, your referral can enter your invite code after earning a minimum of 500 Premium coins.
CashWallet would have been a great app to earn some extra money but sadly one thing completely destroys users interest to use the app. And that thing is the ads. There are just too many ads and are way too annoying. It’s definitely not worth your time.

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