Birdchain App Review: Should You Join It?

birdchain app review
Birdchain is an app that lets you earn rewards for interacting with sponsored content like videos, websites, etc.

Not only Birdchain allows you to earn money(in the form of cryptocurrency) but also learn more about Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and shared economy.

How to Earn with Birdchain:

You can earn BIRDs for every task you complete.

BIRDs are tokens that you can withdraw and exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

The tasks mainly include content engagement and pay 5-20 BIRDs. Like watching youtube videos, visiting websites etc.

Currently, there aren’t many offers available. I’ve been using the Birdchain app for two weeks and up till now have seen just the one sponsored task. Others are just Birdchain promoting and explaining stuff.

Birdchain Referral Program:

With the Birdchain referral program, you can earn 50 BIRDs for every friend that registers with your invite link.


You need a minimum of 1000 BIRDs to request a withdrawal.

You need to have an ERC20 wallet to receive the payment e.g., Trustwallet. Otherwise, you may lose the tokens.

Should You Join Birdchain?

Not now.

Although Birdchain is legit as it’s parent company is vertex and got extensive info of employees and the app on the Linkedin page. They haven’t been able to attract advertisers yet. As a result, there are close to no sponsored content for you to interact with and earn.

In future, Birdchain might turn out to be a great way to earn “passive monthly income”( as they put it on the website) but for now, I don’t recommend it.

But if you want to experience the Birdchain app for yourself. Download it here

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