AppMoney Review: Is it Legit?

AppMoney is an app available for Android devices which you can use to earn money.

Ways to Earn From AppMoney:

Daily login: 

You can earn 10 points for checking-in every 24 hours.

Complete offers:

AppMoney has over 10 offer providers like Kazoolink, SUPER BIG REWARDS, Fyber, OfferToro, Kiwi & Wannads. From these offer walls, you can earn points by installing apps, completing surveys, watching videos, playing games and sharing apps.

From Kazoolink offer wall you can earn points by sharing apps.

Here’s how it works:
You select any of the given apps and share a referral link with your friends. When they install the app you get the points. You will earn points per install. For example; if an app pays 150 points per install and 5 people install the app from your shared link. You get 150 x 5 = 750 Points.

Watch Videos:

Watch videos from AdColony, Vungle and more to earn points.

Wheel Spin:

You can win various prizes with wheel spin but you need to earn at least 1200 points to unlock it.

Referral System:

You can earn 25 points for each friend that enters your referral code. They will also get 25 Points when they enter your referral code.

Enter this referral code to get 25 points: CE85963282

Rewards at AppMoney:

  • PayPal
  • Payza
  • Facebook Gift Card
  • Steam Gift card
  • Google Play Gift Card

The minimum withdrawal is $1 PayPal or Amazon gift card for 1,000 points.

Is AppMoney Legit?

I’m not sure yet. On Google Play most of the reviews/comments are positive. But, that could be because AppMoney pays or pretends to pay for positive reviews. But other apps that paid for positive like AppBucks also had some negative user reviews stating that they never got the reward they requested.
On the other hand, AppMoney has no such comments. Some users do say that it is fake but without stating any reason.

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