Spin by luck app Review: Why it isn’t worth your time?

spin by luck app review

Spin(Luck by Spin 2018) is a money-making app available for Android users which lets you can earn money by playing live quiz, spinning the wheel, completing offers and more.

I’ve been thinking to review this app for a while now but with all the mixed opinions it was hard to conclude whether luck by Spin was legit or scam.

So, I decided to try the app myself, installed it about two days ago. And after using the app I can say that I don’t care whether Luck by spin is legit or not. It isn’t worth your time anyway…

Keep reading to find out why.

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Ways to Earn from luck by Spin:

It is a bit different from the usual spin the wheel games that we get in money-making apps. Here you need to pick a number from 0-9 and if the wheel stops on the number that you chose, you win a random amount of coins between 10-250.

The whole pick a number thing makes your winning chances even thinner.

Every day you will get 10 spins. You can also earn spins by watching videos. 1 video = 10 spins. Spins are valid only for the day they are credited.

As I said earlier you will only earn 10-250 coins when the wheel stops on the number you picked making it even difficult to win. And since winnings are random and mostly below hundred it’s just isn’t worth it.

Daily Rewards:
In this section, you’ll find app install offers.

So why are these called “Daily Rewards”?

Because you’ll earn coins for installing the app and using it every day (usually or 1-2 minutes) for 7 days. Every day you’ll earn some points for using the app.

For example; as you can see in the screenshot below, I will earn 1500 coins for downloading the app and using it every day for 1-2 minutes for seven days. That doesn’t sound bad unless I convert it: 1500 coins= Rs.1.5.

You can earn way more than that just for installing apps on other money-making apps.

Play live quiz and answer 3-5 questions to earn coins.

You don’t have to get all the questions right to win coins.

You’ll earn for every correct answer.

Refer & Earn:
The only way you can earn some decent coins is by referring users to the Luck by Spin app.

For every user that installs and register on the using your referral link, you get 5,000 and your friends will get 2,000 coins.

Your referral link will look like this: https://luckbyspin.app.link/7zQp6bJsfO

You can get the referral bonus by using the above link. But I don’t recommend using the app.

Luck by spin would have been a great app to earn some cash by just spinning the wheel. But the earnings are pretty low. And even if you stick with the app there’s no guarantee that they’ll pay. There are mixed user reviews on Play store but 90% of them are negative.

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