Yonomy App Referral Code: HK9985 | Review

Yonomy Referral Code: HK9985

Yonomy is a unique app that has combined live quizzes with fantasy sports contests. It is like nostra pro but here, instead of making predictions, you will play the quiz. And join a contest by paying some entry fee.

But to play the cash contests you need to download the Yonomy app from their website. The one available at the Play store only allows users to play free quizzes and earn Yupees. Yupees are virtual points that you can earn on Yonomy. We’ll talk about it later in this review.

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Before we talk about the ways to earn from Yonomy, you should know what you can earn from it.

On Yonomy you can earn:

1. Bronze Yupees
2. Silver Yupees
3. Cash and
4. Lucky Charm

And Here’s how…

How to Earn From Yonomy:

Yonomy is basically a quiz app. You can earn Yupees, Lucky Charms & cash by playing different types of quizzes.

Free Quiz:

These are free quizzes and you can earn Bronze Yupees for every correct answer. You will earn bronze yupees when you are playing cash quizzes too.

To earn Bronze Yupees select a quiz type and tap “Yupees” or tap the “Earn Yupees” tab.

You can earn Bronze Yupees either by playing solo quizzes or in a face-off (against another user ) quiz.

You won’t be charged anything to play these quizzes but usually 10% of the earned Yupees will be contributed as Ytax to some social cause like Water conservation, garbage recycle or others of your choice.

You will usually earn 10 yupees per correct answer.

You can use Bronze Yupees to redeem “Challenge Rewards” or to buy “LuckY charms”.(more about it below)

You can also earn Bronze Yupees buy completing simple surveys in the “Express & Earn” section and by referring your friends.

Paid Quiz:

In paid quizzes, you can win Cash, luckY Charms and Silver Yupees. And yes you’ll need to deposit an entry fee to participate in these quizzes.

To view the paid quiz contests tap the “Earn Rupees” tab.

Here you can select contests from different categories like Quiz & Earn(Entertainment, Gyan(knowledge), sports) and under Prep & Earn you’ll see quizzes on different subjects and courses like engineering and UPSC.

Select the category & subcategory that you think you know the most about.

In the top right corner tap the “Tips” button to get an idea of the kind of questions that will be asked.

Below is the screenshot of a contest:

The entry fee for this contest is Rs.5 and the winner gets Rs.13, 5 questions will be asked, maximum of 3 users can join and minimum 2 players are required for the contest to begin. If the minimum(2) users don’t join in the contest will be canceled and entry fees will be refunded.

The quiz in above screenshot starts on 27th June at 2:00 PM and ends 1 hour later at 3PM.

You can play any time when the contest is live.

Your rank is determined on the basis of your speed and accuracy.

Winners are announced within 1 hour of the end of contests.

Winners get cash as per the entry fee and members of the joined contest and the rest of the participants, Silver Yupees which can be redeemed for Paytm cash.

And all the participants(including winners) get Lucky Charms(tickets) to a sweepstake depending on the contest you join.

Here are some other things that you should know:

  • Speed and Accuracy determine your Yxp points, Leaderboard Rank, Rupee & Yupee Earnings
  • Contest Cancellation: If the minimum number of users do not join a Contest, it will be Cancelled and Entry Fees will be refunded within 3 working days
  • Reduced Earning Pool: If minimum users join but the contest is not full, it will still go through but with a reduced Earning Pool as per the number of users joined
  • Final Earning Pool will be calculated and updated as per the number of users joined once the contest ends
  • In case of Ties, the results for the ranks that are tied would be divided equally and the other ranks will be renumbered accordingly
  • Fairplay: Any violation of Fairplay rules, attempt to game the system or any misrepresentation on location or age (only for 18yrs+) will attract disqualification from the contest or Yonomy system
  • Yonomy system reserves the final right to cancel a contest or decide on the final Earning pool and the same shall be final and binding
  • Yonomy Earns a platform fee as a percentage of Entry fees.

Refer & Earn:

The referral program of Yonomy isn’t all that encouraging. Because for every friend that enters your referral code you get 500 bronze yupees and they get 1,000 Bronze Yupees.

If they gave silver yupees it would have been a lot better as silver yupees can be redeemed for paytm cash without any restrictions. But to redeem rewards using bronze you need to meet certain criteria depending on the reward.

Enter this referral code to get 1,000 bronze yupees: HK9985


You can buy tickets(Lucky Charms) for various sweepstakes where you can win cash, silver yupees and vouchers.

You need Bronze yupees to buy tickets.

Rewards at Yonomy App:

Cash earnings will be credited to your paytm account within 3 working days(not including Saturday, Sunday or any public holiday.)

There are three sections in the Yonomy’s “Rewards” tab:

1. Challenge Rewards
These rewards are Earned by participating in Free Yupee Challenges in “WIN” section as per terms of Challenges. These are mostly LuckY Rewards and not Leaderboard rewards.

How to Redeem

  • You need to be selected as a winner on a Reward  Challenge
  • You need to have the requisite amount of Yupees to Claim
  • Claim button will be activated if you are selected as a winner
  • Read the rewards terms carefully.

2.  Any Time rewards
These are Assured rewards that can be redeemed anytime with your Silver Yupees that are earned on Paid Cash contests and various other Bonus Earnings announced from time to time.

Minimum redemption: Rs.10 paytm cash for 20 Silver Yupees

3.  LuckY Charms
Luck plays a big part in our Life’s Earnings.

In Yonomy, your BRONZE YUPEE Earnings can help you get luckY by booking LuckY Charms for rewards of your choice.

The Yonomy system regularly selects luckY charms booked by users and if your luckY charm gets selected you Enjoy your LuckY Reward.

TIP: More LuckY Charms you book for a reward, higher your chances of winning. But it’s LUCK after all… so you never know!

Up until now, I’ve won 3 times. Below is the screenshot of my latest win of Rs.25.

Is Yonomy Legit?
Yes, Yonomy is a legit app. here’s the payment proof:

yonomy paytm payment proof

What do think of Yonomy app? Have you tried the app? Please share your thoughts via the comment box down below.

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