What is a GPT site? Typical ways to Make money with it.

what is a gpt site

At InfoSmush I’ve reviewed many GPT sites. Some of them are Swagbucks, PrizRebel, Gift Hunter Club, and BuxP. All these GPT sites have a quite similar section of earning methods.

But, for a newbie, all that stuff can be confusing.

So, I thought I should write a post that will explain all the important points about a GPT site/program.

In this post you will learn:

  • What is a GPT site
  • Typical ways to make money with a GPT site.
  • My top #5 GPT programs.

What is a GPT Site??

A GPT (Get-Paid-To) site one which lets you earn money and sometimes points which can either be redeemed for cash or Gift Cards, for watching videos, completing offers, taking surveys and more.

Ways to Earn from a GPT site:

Every GPT site has different types of offers which you can complete to earn cash.

Offers are of three types:

Free Offers: Free offers usually require you to sign up for newsletters, visit a website, download and install an app, etc. As the name suggests, free offers are free to complete.

Trial Offers: These offers require you to take a trial of some product. But to take the trial, you will need to give your credit/debit card details. Don’t worry you won’t be charged until the expiry of the trial. You can cancel the trial any time or according to the guidelines of the offer.

Paid Offers: Paid offers require you to purchase something. These offers may give you equal, less or more money than invested.

Offers may be provided directly by the GPT site or Offer Walls like TrialPay, RadiumOne and Wannads.

You know what surveys are, right?

They will give a questionnaire which you need to answer to get your cash. Some GPT sites will directly provide you surveys from companies while some sites are affiliated to survey companies like Wannads (e.g., Gift Hunter Club provides surveys from Wannads). Some sites are a combination of both (they provide direct surveys and have a survey partner). Like, Swagbucks. Survey partner of Swagbucks is PeanutLabs.

Some sites only Offer surveys and are called survey sites.

My favourite survey site is Paidviewpoint because they never kick me out of a survey.

They will only send you surveys which you pre-qualify for. Here is my review of Paidviewpoint.

Another survey site that I recommend is IPoll. It has high paying surveys, but you will need to fill up a qualification survey before every survey. Sign up bonus $5

GPT sites have really made it easy to earn more. As easy as watching videos and ads.

Videos are usually less than a minute long. Some sites will pay you per video (Gift Hunter Club, Points2Shop, BuxP, etc.) while other when you watch a certain number of videos (e.g., you need to watch 5 videos to get your points on PrizeRebel Ripp.ly video wall.

Tasks are small jobs like viewing a website, doing a search, watching a video, etc.

Most of the GPT sites depend on CrowdFlower to deliver jobs to their members, like GiftHunterClub and Swagbucks. But BuxP gets tasks directly from advertisers.

The highest paying site for tasks is MTurk owned by Amazon. If MTurk rejects you: you can try Microworkers.

InboxDollars and Swagbucks are some of the GPT sites that will pay you for searching the web. Swagbucks will pay you occasionally and InboxDollars for every 4 natural searches you make.

I prefer to search through Swagbucks because its results are powered by Yahoo!. So I don’t have to worry about the quality or relevancy of the search results.

Referring your friends to GPT sites is the best way to boost your income because you will receive a commission of your referral’s earnings without working yourself.

The commission varies from every site. But mostly it is 10%.

To make it easy for you, below I’ve listed GPT sites and their referral system:

Cashcrate: 2 Level referral system; you will earn 20% of what your referral make and 10% of what their referral makes.

Points2Shop: Points2shop will pay from $0.50 to $1.50 for every referral. It has a 3 Level Referral System (1st level= 15%, 2nd Level= 3% and 3rd Level= 2%), which means you can earn from your referrals, their referrals and referrals of their referrals.

Swagbucks: You can earn 10% of your referrals’ earnings for the lifetime. Currently, there is a special offer going on this site. According to it, you can earn up to  $5 (500SB) as sign up bonus and $5 for referring others. Find more about it here.

BuxP: BuxP lets yo earn a huge 50% commission of what your referrals make.

GiftHunterClub: it has a 2 level referral system. You will earn 10% from 1st level and 5% from 2nd level referrals.

PrizeRebel: 10% of what your referrals earn.

Get-Paid: 30% for 1st level and 10% for 2nd level referrals

Other than these some sites have their unique ways too. Like Swagbucks has Daily Poll. BuxP’s video offers, Gift Hunter Club’s Daily and Weekly Bonus.

Recommended GPT Sites:

Here are the GPT sites that I personally use and recommend-

BuxP: Sign up or Read BuxP Review

PrizeRebel: Sign up or Read PrizeRebel Review

Gift Hunter Club: Sign up or Read Gift Hunter Club Review
Swagbucks: Sign up or Read Swagbucks Review
Get-Paid: Sign up or Find more about it here
Points2Shop: Sign up or Read Points2Shop Review

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