Whaff Rewards App Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

whaff app review

Whaff Rewards Pays you for downloading apps, watching videos and referring friends.

How to Get Sign up Bonus:
1. Download Whaff App from here
2. Open the app and login with your Facebook account.
3. After you have logged in you’ll be asked to enter a referral code. Enter this code: JL57887
4. That’s it. You’ll get $0.300.

    Ways to Earn From Whaff Rewards App:

    App Download Offers:

    You can earn by downloading sponsored apps.

    Sometimes you can earn more by keeping the app installed on your device for a certain time or reaching a level or playing the game.


    There are two video providers at Whaff.

    You can only view one video from each video ad provider.  Each video pays $0.005 so you can earn up to $0.010 from videos.

    Referral System:

    You can earn $0.300 for every friend that signs up and enters your referral code. Your friend too will get $0.300 when he enters your referral code.

    Rewards at Whaff Rewards App:

    From Whaff app you can get PayPal cash, Flipkart gift card, iTunes gift card, Etherium, Bitcoin Amazon gift card, Facebook gift card and much more.

    Payouts are made within 3 days excluding weekends.

    Is Whaff Rewards Legit?

    Yes, Whaff is a legit app to make some money with your phone.

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    1. Blogger

      Did you consider picking the best Bitcoin exchange service: YoBit.

    2. 陳進益

      WHAFF Already No payment has been made.

      Already is SCAM.

    3. Arian Marquardt

      I used to love the WHAFF App! I had cashed out a $50.00 Gift Card, about a year ago, and I almost have enough to get another $50.00 Gift Card. Unfortunately ,for like the past 8 months or so, the WHAFF App, has not been working correctly. It hasn't been giving barely any App Offers, or it will constantly have the same exact ones, for months and months. Also, when clicking on an App Offer, it's supposed to take you directly to Google Play Store, but instead it takes you to some weird page? One time, it actually took me to some pornographic Site, which really shocked me. I haven't used it since! So sad, to see an App that used to be 1 of my favorites, become so very unstable! Hopefully, sometime in the near future, they will fix all of the bugs and glitches. Cause I would definitely download it again

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