This is the ‘Adalaj Ni Vav’ in which of these cities? Amazon Quiz Answer

Q: This is the ‘Adalaj Ni Vav’ in which of these cities?





Answer – ✅ Ahmedabad

This is the ‘Adalaj Ni Vav’ in Ahmedabad.

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This is the ‘Adalaj Ni Vav’ in which of these cities?

‘Adalaj Ni Vav’, also known as Adalaj Stepwell, is a beautiful stepwell located in the village of Adalaj in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is an architectural marvel and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state. The stepwell was built in 1499 by Queen Rudabai, the wife of the Vaghela chief, Veersinh.

The Adalaj Ni Vav is an intricately designed five-story structure that features stunning carvings and sculptures. The stepwell was designed to serve as a place of rest and relaxation for travelers and pilgrims who passed through the region. The structure is built in a unique style that blends Islamic and Hindu architectural styles and features a large number of pillars, arches, and ornate carvings.

The stepwell was abandoned for several centuries and fell into disrepair before it was restored in the 1980s. Today, the Adalaj Ni Vav is recognized as an important cultural heritage site and attracts tourists from all over the world who come to marvel at its stunning architecture and intricate carvings.

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