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Teen Patti Fun APK Download, Teen Patti Fun app Download. Teen Patti Fun is a new Teen Patti app 2022. Maybe you won’t notice it, but it is the only Teen Patti app whose website is served over HTTPS instead of HTTP.

teen patti fun app download

The sign up bonus that you get after binding your mobile number is one of the lowest among similar apps. So when you register, you will get ₹5 bonus. It is not much, but it is still 100% usable. And since Ludo game starts with just ₹2 you can play ludo without any investment.

The referral program is the same. You will earn 30% of your friend’s tax amount and up to ₹100 when they deposit ₹1000 or more. Fun Teen Patti app rewards the agents that promote this app and invite new users generously.

About Teen Patti Fun , Rummy Fun APK

Teen Patti Fun is a teen patti and rummy application that involves real money. That means you can win and obviously loose real money when you invest in the app and play the games that are available in it. Some games in which you can bet are Teen Patti, Wingo, Dragon vs Tiger and Poker. The winning amount in this Fun Teen Patti app only depends on the amount that you place bets with. So the more money you bet the more money you will win.

Note: The game involves financial risk and users are advised to play on their own risk. The owner of this blog is not responsible for any financial gain or loss.

Teen Patti Fun APK Download

App NameTeen Patti Fun, Rummy Fun
Official WebsiteGetRummyApp.Com
Apk DownloadDownload
Sign up Bonus₹41
Refer and Earn₹100 + 30% Commission
Minimum Withdrawal Amount₹100

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How to Sign up on Teen Patti Fun App

1. Download the Teen Patti Fun apk and install it. The size of the apk file is just 35 MB.

2. Open the app and go to Profile and click Bound.

bind mobile number

3. Register with your mobile number.

4. Verify your number.

5. ₹5 will be added to your account immediately.

You can use the amount play ludo. Ludo is the only game that you can play on Teen Patti Fun app without having to deposit cash because the minimum entry fee for ludo contest is ₹2.

List of Available Games in Rummy Fun APK

teen patti fun games

There are many games that you can play on Teen Patti Fun apk and win real cash. But if you don’t want to invest anything then Ludo is your only choice.

  1. Ludo
  2. Crash
  3. Andar Bahar
  4. 7 Up Down
  5. Variation
  6. Best of Five
  7. Rummy
  8. Black Jack
  9. Poker
  10. Dragon vs Tiger
  11. 10 Cards
  12. Teen Patti, etc.

Note: You will have to download the resources for each game separately.

Teen Patti Fun Referral Program

You can share your referral link with your friends and earn unlimited commission from your referrals. You can earn up to ₹100 for every friend that deposits, ₹1000 and 30% of their tax amount.

** Both the rewards are separate.

Refer & Win reward can be claimed unlimited times. You can also earn unlimited commission every time they play cash games.

Share and Earn reward can only be claimed once for each friend.

Also Download:

  1. Open the app and tap Refer and Earn.
  2. Share or copy your referral link.
  3. Invite your friends via WhatsApp or any other method.
  4. Your friends will get ₹5 on sign up.
  5. You will earn commission every time they play and ₹100 when they deposit ₹1000+.

Rummy Fun How to Claim Share and Earn Reward:

  1. Open the app and tap Share.
  2. Now tap and claim your reward.

Teen Patti Fun Key Features

  • Ability and the opportunity to earn real money while all you have to do is play games is really a unique situation. Because many users in India are still not aware of this and continue to live in ignorance.
  • Withdrawals without KYC. Because the app does not need to verify your identity you can withdraw money without any verification. That is really a great feature as it makes the act of redeeming money smooth and simple.
  • Games with real players. On the Teen Patti Fun app you can play games with other players online and win money.

Weekly Bonus on Teen Patti Fun App

The Weekly Bonus can be claimed by users who are at least VIP 1.

So what is Weekly Bonus?

This bonus is given to users who have earned, ₹1000 or more in referral commission from their friends during the last week.

Refer to the table below for more details:

weekly bonus

1000 To 3000 = 500

3001 To 5000 = 1000

5001 To 8000 = 3000

8001 To 10000 = 6000

10001 To 15000 = 10000

15001 To 20000 = 15000

20001 To 30000 = 20000

30001 To 50000 = 30000

50001 To 80000 = 60000

80001 To 100000 = 100000

100001 To 999999999 = 200000

What is Safe in Teen Patti Fun?

safe in teen patti fun

Safe is a special feature for the users of the Teen Patti Fun app that allows you to set aside a part of your game chips to be used later. There are many scenarios in which you would want to place your chips in the safe and redeem it later.

The safe can be used any time of the day and the amount can be placed and withdrawn from safe any time as well. The minimum chips or money that can be saved in the Safe is ₹1.

How to Withdraw Money To Bank From Teen Patti Fun

teen patti fun withdrawal

Terms and Conditions:

  • A withdrawal request can be placed anytime.
  • if the bank handles it smoothly, the amount will be credited to your account within 3-5 minutes
  • please confirm that the bound withdrawal account information is correct
  • No KYC is required
  • The Teen Patti Fun minimum withdrawal amount is ₹100.

Steps to Withdraw Money:

  1. Open the app and click Withdraw.
  2. Select Chips to Bank or Chips to UPI.
  3. Tap +Bank or +UPI and the required details and hit Save.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and tap Withdraw
  5. The amount will take some time to get credited into your account because it has to be approved by the admin first.

Teen Patti Fun Rummy Withdrawal Proof

rummy fun withdrawal

I know trusting any app that involves real money games is difficult. Because you have to invest your money to earn anything and there’s always the chance that you will lose the money. But in case you do win you want to make sure that you will your money after withdrawing it.

teen patti fun proof

I’m here to say this, I did get my money. The screenshots below are the proofs of my withdrawals from the Teen Patti Fun app.

Does This Teen Patti App Freeze Account?

Teen Patti Fun or any other teen patti app won’t freeze your account unless you do something wrong or system detects some suspicious activities. As long as you use the app normaly, and don’t use any tricks in Dragon versus Tiger or any other game you should be safe.

But apps like this are also known for freezing accounts when users win a lot of money without depositing any money

Teen Patti Fun APK FAQs

Is Teen Patti Fun APK Safe?

Yes. But it still involves the risk of money. So you should play responsibly.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?


Can I withdraw multiple times in a single day?

Yes. You can withdraw as many times as you want.

What documents do I need to submit for verification?

None. The Teen Patti Fun app does not require you to verify anything. You can play games and withdraw money without submitting any document for verification.

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