Neobux: The PTC with 8 Years’ Trust

Finding a legit PTC(pay to click) site can be hard as Internet is overwhelming with PTC sites and almost everyday a new PTC site is born. But only a few of them are legit. NeoBux is one of the few legit PTC sites. NeoBux has been around for 8years. Surely
a scam cannot be online for that long.
But you won’t earn very much from NeoBux or any other legit PTC unless you have a lot Referrals.
What is NeoBux?
NeoBux is  a legit PTC website which pays you for clicking on ads, Completing offers like signing up, downloading a app,etc.
NeoBux also has an Golden Upgrade which increases referral commission, Earning from ads,  and number of ads.
Ways To Earn On NeoBux:
Below are the ways by which you can earn money on NeoBux:-
View Advertisements:
You just have to click on ads and wait for 5 seconds.
You’ll earn 0.001$ and 1point.
1point = 0.001$ so,  1click = 0.002$.
With every click you will also get a chance to win a bonus prize and 3 Adprize chances.
Ad Prize: 
You will get 3 Ad prize chances for viewing 1 ad.
Adprize is like lucky draw, you have a chance to win a prize with every Adprize click.
Offers and Mini Jobs:
You will have to complete offers and mini jobs to earn money.
Referral and Rented Referral:
You will 10% commission of your referrals earnings.
Rented Referrals are those referrals which you add to your account for a month by paying some money. For example 3 Referrals will cost you 0.6$ for 30days.
Gaming Apps to Earn Money:

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