LopScoop App: Get Up To Rs. 88 Per Referral

lopscoop app

LopScoop is an entertainment based start-up. It’s available as a website and also an app where you can read news, funny, weird, wtf articles and photos.

The LopScoop app also gives you the opportunity to earn money. And in this review, you’ll find out how..

The Lopscoop app is only available for Android users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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Ways To Earn From LopScoop:

LopScoop Referral Program:

With the LopScoop referral program, you can earn Rs. 10 for every friend that installs LopScoop through your invite link and opens the app(your referral will get Rs. 1).

But that’s not all you and your invitee both will earn cash bonuses based on your Level.

Your level will increase as you refer more users.

Here’s a description of the LopScoop levels:
Level 1: 4rs for inviting 1 friend – 3rs for the inviter & 1rs for the invitee

Level 2: 9rs for inviting 2 more friends – 7rs for the inviter & 1rs for each invitee

Level 3: 18rs for inviting 3 more friends – 15rs for the inviter & 1rs for each invitee

Level 4: 18rs for inviting 5 more friends – 9rs for the inviter & 1rs for each invitee

Level 5: Super rewards – You’ll get a random cash bonus ranging from 10rs to 88rs after finishing level 4.

So your friends will earn Rs. 1 when they install the app through your invite link and you can earn up to Rs. 88 per invitation.

For example, when you install LopScoop from this link you will get Rs. 1 and I will get Rs. 10.

The referral rewards are added to your Instant Money balance. From there you can redeem your cash to Paytm instantly.

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You can earn ‘Gold Coins’ when you check-in the app.

Check-in reward will increase for every successive day you open LopScoop.

Below is the day-wise distribution of coins that you will earn for every consecutive check-in.


Daily Tasks & Newbie Tasks:

You can also earn Gold coins for completing various Daily & Newbie task.

These tasks include completing your profile, linking your email address, sharing the content of the LopScoop app and much more.

How to Convert LopScoop Gold Coins to Cash:

You can convert your Gold coins into cash by following the steps below:

1. Open the Lopscoop app.

2. Go to My tab and tap Coin.

3. Tap the “Convert” button.


4. Coins will be converted.

Coins are converted in multiples of 100(100,200,300,etc).

The conversion rate can change. It depends on the income of the Lopscoop app. But mostly it is 1000 coins for Rs. 5.

The number of coins and rupees on ‘My’ page will sync in 20 minutes after you convert the coins.

The converted coins are transferred to your INR balance from which minimum withdrawal is Rs. 300.

Payment Methods:

You can redeem your cash from the Instant Money section of the app to your Paytm wallet.

Payments are instant so you don’t have to wait for your withdrawal requests to be fulfilled.

Before you can withdraw your earnings you need to add or as Lopscoop puts it- bind your Paytm account.

To do so go to My tab and tap Instant Money. On the next screen, you’ll see the option to bind your account, tap it. Now enter your Paytm number twice. Lopscoop will send Rs. 0.01 so that you can make sure you entered your number correctly.

Is LopScoop App Legit:

Yes, LopScoop app is legit. If you search Lopscoop on Google you’ll be able to view their office address and photos of the staff. Them making all this information public gave me a reason to trust them.

And if you are looking for payment proof Here’s one:

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