Cloud Cow Referral Code: Get ₹30 | Refer & Earn ₹10 + 5%[SCAM]

Cloud Cow invitation code, Cloud Cow referral code. Cloud Cow is a new kind of app where you can invest in cattle and earn money. Yes, this app allows you to earn money by investing in cows. You can adopt any of the listed cows and earn daily income. After the daily income period ends, you will get your principle and daily income back into your account.

Warning: Cloud Cow and most of the apps like it are a scam. Don’t invest money in these kinds of apps.

cloud cow invitation code

Cloud Cow app also has and invite and earn program. You can earn ₹10 for every user that registers using your inviter code and 5% of his investment amount.

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The Cloud Cow app lets you withdraw your earnings to your bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹200 and for every withdrawal 10% will be charged.

Cloud Cow Invitation Code

App NameCloud Cow
Cloud Cow Referral Code99092172
Download Cloud Cow APKCick here
Sign up Bonus₹30
Refer and Earn₹10 + 5%

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How to Sign up on Cloud Cow App and Get ₹30

1. First, install the app on your phone from the Play Store.

2. Open the app and go to the Me tab.

3. Tap Sign up.

4. Now enter a nickname, your mobile number, verification code, password and Cloud Cow referral code- 99092172.

cloud cow referral code

5. You will get ₹30 sign up bonus. Now you can start adopting cows and earn money on your investment.

Invest in the Cloud Cow app on your own risk. I’m not responsible for any money you lose in this app.

Cloud Cow Invite and Earn

You can share your referral code with your friends and get ₹10 when they create their account on the Cloud Cow app. Also, the app has a commission system that allows you to earn commission from 3 levels of referrals.

  • You will earn ₹10 + 5% commission of your direct or first level referrals.
  • From 2nd level team members, you can earn 3% of their investment.
  • And finally, you will earn 2% commission of 3rd level team members.
  1. Open the app and go to Team tab.
  2. Share your Cloud Cow invitation code/link with your friends.
  3. You will earn ₹10 when they sign up on the app and they will get ₹30.
  4. You will also earn 5% of their investment.

Invitation Reward:

invitation rewards

Team Rewards:

team reward

How to Adopt Cow on Cloud Cow App

1. Open the app and select a cow that you want to adopt. On this page, you will be able to see the

  • Investment amount(Deposit)
  • Daily income and
  • validity

2. Select the quantity you want to buy and tap Adopt.

3. Before you adopt, you need to deposit money into your account. You can add money via Paytm or UPI.

4. Now you will earn daily income as specified.

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