Booksta App Review: Read Books & Earn

booksta app review

Do you like reading books?

What if you could earn for it?

Booksta is an app for Android users. Booksta gives you the opportunity to get rewards for your hobby of reading books. On this app, you can play quizzes based on books. Booksta has quizzes based on many famous books like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings and more

How Booksta App Works:

First, you select a book under a genre. You can choose from genres like Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Drama and more.

Then you need to answer 5 questions based on that book. You have 5 seconds to answer each question. Sometimes 5 seconds are not enough because of the length of the question or answer or both.

Try to memorize the questions and the position of the correct options. This way you’ll know what the question is by reading just a few words. And since you know the position of the correct option, you can select it without reading.

You’ll win coins after answering all the questions correctly. You can earn up to 250 coins per quiz.

You can exchange the coins for coupons or donate.

Rewards Available on Booksta App:

Unfortunately, Booksta only offers gift cards. So only users from the USA can truly benefit. But that doesn’t mean Booksta is completely useless for users from other countries.

Some products support international delivery. So you can use your gift cards to buy them.

rewards at booksta app


  • Earn for your knowledge of books
  • Quizzes on many famous books are available 
  • You can attempt unlimited times
  • Minimal ads


  • You only have 5 seconds to answer each question
  • Some questions/answers are long
  • Payment threshold is too high
  • No other ways to earn more points

Final Words:

Booksta has its cons. But it’s still a great way to earn some extra cash book-lovers.

You can redeem your coins for gift cards and buy the products you want. If you are not from the USA you can order items that support international delivery.

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