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Bolly Game is a new teen patti app you can download it from the link that is given below. The app allows you to claim the complete sign up bonus after you have entered the promoter Id. Because the app does not support the automatic referral program through link.

bolly game apk

The Bolly Game apk has a total of 8 games. If you want to know the list of the games than you can keep reading this article and you will find the list below.

जैसा की आपको पता होगा की बिना register किये बिना आप किसी भी gaming app में गेम खेलके पैसे नहीं कमा पाओगे। Bolly Game app भी कुछ ऐसा ही है। सबसे पहले आपको अपना account create कर लेना इस app पे उसके बाद ही आप game खेलके पैसे कमा पाओगे।

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About Bolly Game APK

Bolly Game is a real money gaming app. So you will be able to bet real cash and play games on this app and if you win you will also win real cash prizes. The amount of money that you can win solely depends on the amount that you bet. But I would suggest that you play responsibly and at your own risk.

Bolly Game APK Download

App NameBolly Game
Bolly Game Invitation Code/ Promoter ID80867
Bolly Game APK DownloadClick here
Official WebsiteVisit
Minimum Withdrawal Amount₹100

How to Create Account & Bind Promoter ID in Bolly Game

1. First, download the apk file from here and install it.

2. Then you need to register on the app.

3. After registration you will get ₹15.

4. Now click on Share > Account.

5. And finally bind this Bolly Game Promoter ID:-

How to Earn Money on Bolly Game APK

bolly game apk download
bolly game games

Earning real money on this app is possible and you can take two routes: with investment and without investment.

Make Money Without Investment:

Well there is only one way to make money on the Bolly Game rummy app if you want to do it without investment. And that is by referring your friends. And the more games your friends play the higher your commission will be and you can redeem this commission to your bank account.

So that is how you can earn money on this app without investment.

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Earn Money With Investment

So in case you can’t invite a lot of users who will actually play games on the app or you don’t have that kind of time than there is another option. Playing games. You can make money on Bolly Game by playing games the higher amount you bet the more money you will be able to win.

Although you do get ₹15 on sign up but that is not enough to play any game properly.

Bolly Game Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus comprises of three deposit offers and all these offers can only be redeemed once. These offers will basically give you 100% bonus on your deposits.

Each offer can only be purchased once

How to Refer and Earn Money on Bolly Game App

bolly game refer and earn
bolly game referral system

As I said previously it is possible to make money on the Bolly Game app without investment. And to do you just need to invite your friends and share your referral code or promoter id with your friends.

And after you have share it make sure you ask your friends to enter the promoter id on sign up.

Bonus Calculation in Bolly Game APK

  • A = You
  • B = Players invited by you
  • C = players invited by B
  • D = players invited by C

service fee by B x Level 1 Ratio + service fee by C x level 2 Ratio + service fee by D x level 3 ratio

When will I be Able to Claim My Referral Commission?

Your referral commission will be available at 12:00 midnight.

What Games Are Available on Bolly Game APK

The list of games on this teen patti is not that big it only has 8 games. For each game the rules are different so make sure you read the rules before betting.

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Lucky Lottery
  3. 7 Up Down
  4. Crash
  5. The Black Reds
  6. Texas Cowboys
  7. Fruit Party
  8. Rummy

Bolly Game Rules

Texas Cowboys Game Rules

1. Win/Lose/Tie
Induding Cowboy win, Bull win and Tie,get rewards with corresponding odds.

2. Anyone’s card type (must be the original two cards of cowboy or bull)

Flush/Straiht/Straiht Flush: Two cards of the same suit/Two cards
of consecutive points/Two consecutive cards of the same suit.

Pair:Two cards of the same points(Includes a pair of Aces)

Pair of Aces:Two Aces cards
a. If the Cowboy and Bull are the same card type, hitting the bet are
a will only be considered as one hit
b. If the Cowboy and Bull are different card type,hitting the bet area,
both areas will be considered as hits

3. Winner’s card type
Including High Card/Pair, Two Pair ,Three of a Kind/Straight/Flush,
Three of a Kind/Straight/Flush,Full House and Four of a Kind/Straight Flush/Royal Flush,get rewards with corresponding odds of consecutive points/Two consecutive cards of the same suite

Lucky Lottery Game Rules

  1. Each round a lucky number comes out from 0-9
  2. Player cab bet on green, violet, red or specific number.
  3. Join Green: if the result shows 1,3,7,9 you win.
  4. Join Red: If the result shows 2,4,6,8 you win
  5. Join Violet: if the result shows 0 or 5 you win
  6. Select number: If the result is the same as the number you picked you win.

Crash Game Rules

CRASH is a multiplayer online game, this game consists of an increasing curve, this curve may collapse at any time. Before the game starts, you have 6 seconds to place a bet. After the game starts, the multiplier starts from 1x higher and higher.

You can click “Escape” at any time to lock in the current multiple, and your profit is the bet multiplied by the current multiple. The later you escape in the game, the higher the profit you will get. But the curve will collapse at any time, if you do not escape before the collapse, you will lose all your bets.

The bank pool is the pool of funds we use to pay the winning players in the game.

The profit a player can get from a round of games depends on the size of the bank pool. The more bank pools, the more players get.

Each player’s revenue per round cannot exceed 1% of the bank pool. If your total exceeds 1% of the

bank pool balance, you will be forced to run away to cash out.

The total revenue of all players in each round cannot exceed 1.5% of the bank pool. If the sum of all players exceeds 1.5% of the bank pool balance, everyone will be forced to flee to cash out.

TRENBALL is a new version of the popular Crash Game. In Trenball you can place bets on RED, GREEN or MOON .

Red, Green & Moon is simply where the crash will bang in a round. You win depending on which of these you place your bets on.

RED-> Crash is [1, 2) GREEN-> Crash is [2, ∞) MOON -> Crash is equal to or more than 10

Before each round in the game starts, you have 6 seconds to place your bet.

You can play both Crash and Trenball individually or at the same time.

7 Up Down Game Rules in Bolly Game:

1.Two 6 sided dice are rolled and the results are totalled up.

2. You can bet on the total beiing under 7,exactly 7,or over 7.

3.Above and below 7 gives payout double the bet amount.

4.Exactly 7 gives payout 5 times the bet amount.

When the dice result opened,gold dice bonus will randomly appears, and all the players betted in this round will win


Sit Here

win money=the amount he betted*sum of the dices’points

How to Withdraw Money From Bolly Game

The way you withdraw money from Game Bolly teen patti app is a bit different. So what you do is before you can withdraw you need to set up a secondary password. This password will protect yoour withdrawals.

So once you click on Withdraw button you need to verify your number and then set up secondary password.

Once that is done you need to enter your bank account details or UPI address to whcih you can to receive the money.

And finally enter the amount you want to redeem and click Withdraw.

Bolly Game FAQ(s)

What is minimum withdraw amount in Bolly Game app?


Can I withdraw money from Bolly Game to my Paytm Wallet?


How many games are available on this teen patti and gaming app?

In total there are 8 games that you can play on this app

Does this app need PAN card verification?


What is my Bolly Game Promoter ID?

It is a unique code that you need share with your referrals and only once they bind this code will they become your referred user. You can find your referral code in Share > Promotion.

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