AppStation Review: Play Games for Cash

appstation review

AppStation is an app for Android devices. This app recommends games which you can download and play. And in return, you can earn some money.

How AppStation Works:

Game developers use the services of AppStation to reach out to interested gamers. They pay some fee for it.

Then AppStation displays those games on the app. You can earn coins by installing and playing these games. So you’ll get rewarded when you install the game and later when you play it.

You’ll earn coins for playing a game per minute.

appstation games

Usually, as time goes by, you’ll fewer coins for the previously installed games.

After sign up, you’ll immediately get 4444 coins. Which is equal to $0.44.

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Payment Methods & Minimum Payout:

You can redeem your coins for cash through PayPal.

The payment threshold is also very low. It’s just $0.5, which can be redeemed for 4999 coins. Since you’ll get a signup bonus of 4444 coins, you just need to earn 555 coins to cash out for the first time.

Referral Program:
You will get 250 coins for every friend that joins AppStation through your referral link.

Here’s the best part: You will also earn 25% of what your friends earn and your friends will receive 25% of the coins you earn.

Final Words:

AppStation is a great app if you love playing games. You can discover new games and earn some money while you play games.

Though the games you receive will depend on the country you live in.

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