Which of the following country has hosted the ICC World Cup most times?

Correct Answer: England

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the premier international cricket tournament, featuring teams from around the world competing for the title of world champions. Since the inception of the tournament in 1975, it has been hosted by various countries across the world.

England has hosted the ICC Cricket World Cup the most times, a total of five times. The first edition of the tournament was held in England in 1975, and the country has since hosted it in 1979, 1983, 1999, and most recently in 2019. England has a rich cricketing history and is considered to be the birthplace of the sport, with the first-ever recorded cricket match having taken place in the country in the 16th century.

England has world-class cricket facilities and infrastructure, which makes it an ideal destination for hosting major cricket tournaments. The country has a large and passionate cricketing fanbase, and the World Cup has always been well-received by fans and players alike. The 2019 edition of the tournament was particularly successful, with record-breaking crowds and high-quality cricket matches being played in venues across the country.

In summary, England has hosted the ICC Cricket World Cup the most times due to its rich cricketing history, world-class infrastructure, and passionate cricketing fanbase.

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