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Tycoon Club Apk Download, Tycoon Club Referral Code- Tycoon Club is a game through which you can make real cash by achieving victory in the betting games available in Tycoon Club. Tycoon Club Application is available to play in both English and Hindi. It has only 10 games that the users can play. The four games are Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Teen Patti 20, and Andar Bahar Plus.

tycoon club apk download

Having only 10 games may seem like a disadvantage because other games in this niche have dozens of games in different genres. But, having four games also makes it easy for the user to decide which games to play. In the former scenario, having too many options to play lots of games may confuse the user as to which games to play and waste their time in the process.

Featuring fewer games serves as an advantage to the app in yet another way. The benefit the users get is that the app is a lot easier to navigate because there is no clutter of games on the menu screen.

Note: This App involves financial risk. Play responsibly and at your own risk.

Note: इस गेम में वित्तीय जोखिम का एक तत्व शामिल है और इसकी लत लग सकती है। कृपया जिम्मेदारी से और अपने स्वयं के जोखिम पर ही इसे खेलें । पैसे जोड़ने से बचें, नुकसान के जिम्मेदार आप खुद होंगे |

Tycoon Club Referral Code, Tycoon Club Apk Download

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App NameTycoon Club
Launch Date10 August 2022
Sign up Bonus₹41
Minimum Withdrawal Amount₹200
Tycoon Club Referral Code8UHN5E7W
Tycoon Club Apk DownloadClick here

Tycoon Club App Download and Installation Process

Step 1- Tycoon Club Apk has a fairly simple download and installation process. Tycoon Club app cannot be downloaded from the play store or app store for IOS users. You have to open any browser you have, be it chrome, firefox, or brave.

Step 2- Once you open the browser, you have to type in Tycoon club apk.

Step 3- Once the search results have finished loading, you have to select the first search result that pops up on the screen.

Step 4- After you select the first search result, the website of Tycoon Club will open. On the landing page, there’s a huge icon for download, you have to click on that icon and that will start the download process.

Step 5- After Tycoon Club Apk has been downloaded. Go to your file manager and click on the download file. It will start the installation process. Once you do that, the app will be installed on your smartphone.

Features of Tycoon Club APK

  • As I mentioned previously, Tycoon Club application is available in English and Hindi. It cannot function without an active internet connection.
  • Although, it works well on slow internet speed. It is an online multiplayer game where you can play from anywhere and anytime you want with other players from across the world.
  • Tycoon Club Apk is also regularly updated by Tycoon Club Apk developers.
  • The currency in Tycoon Club is referred to as INR and there are no coins or chips in Tycoon Club Apk.
  • The money can be withdrawn directly to your bank account after you add all the bank details.
  • You can also add cash to your account through your credit card.

Tycoon Club Refer and Earn System

One way of earning coins in Tycoon Club Apks is by playing betting games. However, this method can be risky if you place high bets in hopes of winning big cash rewards, you may end up losing some amount or if fortune smiles on you, then you may end up bagging a huge amount.

But, there is another way of earning rupees in Tycoon Club Apk. The method is the refer and earn system. In the refer and earn system, you just have to refer Tycoon Club Apk to your friends. In the event that you are successfully able to refer Tycoon Club to your friends. Then you will receive a bonus, depending on how many friends download, install and play Tycoon Club Apk using the referral link you provided to them.

Retrieving Money from Refer and Earn System

In order to successfully receive money from this system. You have to fulfill certain conditions. One condition is that you should have a phone number added and linked to your account.

Once you successfully are able to bind the phone number to your account, you are eligible to receive the refer and earn a bonus. The second condition is that your friends must also play Tycoon Club Apk for a minimum of three minutes for you to receive the refer and earn bonus. The last condition is that you must also recharge your phone number. Once you fulfill these three conditions, you will automatically receive the upgrade bonus from this method.

What Are VIP Privileges in Tycoon Club Apk?

The Vip privileges mostly come in the form of upgrade bonuses that you receive once you refer many friends to Tycoon Club Apk. So, the more friends you have successfully referred, the more money you will earn through the upgrade bonuses.

If you have referred only 1 friend, you will only receive ten rupees, but if you have referred more than three hundred players, then you are subject to receive a massive VIP bonus of fifty thousand rupees.

How to Deposit Money in Tycoon Club?

In Tycoon Club, you can also deposit your money to multiply your initial investment.

Step 1- In order to deposit money, you have to click on the wallet option on the menu screen.

Step 2- Once the wallet page is displayed, there is the option of adding cash. You can only add cash through your Paytm UPI account.

Step 3- One awesome feature is that you are assured a three hundred percent return cashback from your first deposit, irrespective of the amount you have deposited into your account. The lowest amount you can deposit is hundred rupees and the highest is fifty thousand rupees.

Tycoon Club Customer Support System

In order to resolve your queries, Tycoon Club application has a sophisticated customer support system that has been put in place within Tycoon Club Apk. In order to access this system, you have to click on the more option on the menu screen, Once you select the option, a new window will appear, with a number of icons you can click.

You have to click on the online customer service option. After you select that option, another new window will be opened. In that window, there are a bunch of options like recharge, withdrawal, cashback, login, and game problems. You have to tap on Tycoon Club Apk problem icon.

Once you open Tycoon Club Apk problems icon, an online chat room will appear. This chatroom is active 24/7 you can type in any query you have, and the reply will come in a few minutes after you sent your query.

The Safe System of Tycoon Club

Tycoon Club Apk does not provide a safe mini bank within Tycoon Club Apk like some other applications in this niche, but you can specify the exact amount you would like to withdraw. There is an option of entering the exact amount you would like to withdraw to your bank account.

Once you enter the exact amount, you can select the withdraw option, and exactly the amount of money you specified will be transferred to your bank account within a few hours.

Tycoon Club APK FAQ(s)

Is Tycoon Club Apk Safe?

I have it installed but I can’t say for sure. Install it at your own risk.

What is the sign up bonus amount in Club Tycoon App?

₹41 is the bonus amount for new users.

How much is the minimum withdrawal amount in Tycoon Club Apk?


What is Tycoon Club Referral Code?

The referral code of Tycoon Club is- 8UHN5E7W.

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