This animal is mostly found in which grassland? Amazon Quiz Answer

Q: This animal is mostly found in which grassland?

A: Praries

B: Savannah

C: Downs

D: Puztaz

Answer: ✅ Savannah

This animal is mostly found in which grassland?


Savannah is a type of grassland biome characterized by tall grasses, scattered trees, and an annual rainy and dry season. Savannahs are found in several regions of the world, including Africa, South America, Australia, and India.

In Africa, savannahs are the dominant biome and are home to some of the world’s most iconic wildlife, including elephants, giraffes, lions, and zebras. The African savannah is also known as the “cradle of humanity” due to its significance in human evolution.

The savannah biome has a unique ecology with adaptations such as grasses with deep roots to survive the dry season, trees with thick bark to withstand fires, and herbivores with adaptations to digest tough, fibrous grasses. Humans have also relied on savannahs for thousands of years, with some communities practicing pastoralism and others practicing agriculture in these regions.

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