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Teen Patti Bindaas App Download, Teen Patti Bindaas Apk Download, Rummy Bindaas. Teen Patti Bindaas is a new teen patti earning app that you can try if you have run out of bonus cash on all the other similar apps. This app is among those teen patti apps that give a huge amount on sign-up. When you download the app and register using your mobile number, you will receive ₹42 immediately.

teen patti bindaas app download

The number of games and the rules for the games on the Teen Patti Bindaas app are the same as Rummy Golds Apk or most of the apps that I have reviewed before.

Although, Teen Patti Bindaas App is similar to Teen Patti Joy but the referral program of this app is much better. For every friend that deposits ₹1000 or more, you will earn ₹80-₹150 in addition to 30% commission on their tax amount.

Alert: Teen Patti Bindaas has been Shut Down.

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Teen Patti Bindaas Apk Download, Rummy Bindaas

App NameTeen Patti Bindaas
Teen Patti BindaasDownload
Sign up Bonus₹51
Refer and Earn30% Commission + Weekly Bonus + ₹80-₹150
Minimum Withdrawal Amount₹100
Withdrawal MethodsBank and UPI

Register and Claim ₹51 Instant Cash on Rummy Bindaas

1. Download the Teen Patti Bindaas apk app on your device and install it.

2. Open the app and click on your profile picture.

3. Tap Bound.

teen patti bindaas bound

4. Enter your mobile number, password and OTP.

rummy bindaas

5. You have received ₹51.

6. Now use the money to play any game you like.

Teen Patti Bindaas Refer and Earn Program

As I mentioned at the beginning, Teen Patti Bindaas has a better referral program as compared to Rummy Modern, Rummy Loot and other similar apps. The commission system is the same.

You will earn 30% of your friend’s tax amount every time they play a game.

In addition to that you will earn ₹80, ₹100 and ₹150 for the first three referrals that deposit ₹100 or more, respectively. After that, you will earn ₹150 extra cash for every friend who’s deposit amount is ₹1000 or more.

  1. Open the app.
  2. Tap Refer & Earn.
  3. Share your referral link with your friends.
  4. Your friends will get ₹42 when they register.
  5. And you will earn commission(30% of friend’s tax amount) whenever they play a game.

Weekly Bonus:

Weekly bonus is a special reward given to users who have earned a certain amount from their referrals during the last week.

weekly bonus

So, if you earn ₹1000-₹3000 as bonus from your referrals, in the last week, then you will get ₹500 weekly bonus.

Note: To claim weekly bonus you must be a Teen Patti Bindaas VIP user.

Progress Bonus:

The progress bonus is another reward that makes becoming an agent of the app very rewarding. You must be wondering what the progress bonus actually is. Let me explain; you will be given progress bonus if and only if your referral earning this week was more than last week.

To learn how Progress Bonus is calculated look at the image below:

teen patti bindaas progress bonus

Teen Patti Bindaas APK VIP

teen patti bindaas vip

Benefits of Becoming VIP:

Obvious there must be some benefits of becoming a VIP user otherwise why would they do have something like that in place. But make sure you don’t do anything just to become a VIP because the only real benefit is Weekly Bonus and Progress bonus and you should only have that if you are an agent and your weekly income is ₹1000 or more.

There are other benefits of becoming a Bindaas Teen Patti apps VIP member but they are not that rewarding. You can look below for more details.

  • Weekly Bonus
  • Daily Bonus
  • Monthly Bonus
  • Level Bonus

Steps to Become VIP

  1. Tap the VIP icon.
  2. Tap Buy.
  3. Now deposit ₹500 and more.
  4. Make the payment and you will become a VIP.
  5. You can use the money to play games.

TeenPatti Bindaas Games List:

  • Ludo
  • Rummy
  • Poker
  • Teen Patti
  • Black Jack
  • Andar Bahar
  • Fruit Line
  • 3 Card Poker
  • 10 Cards
  • Dragon vs Tiger
  • 7 Up Down
  • Car Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Zoo Roulette
  • Teen Patti 20-20
  • Fishing Rush
  • Variations

New Games:

  • Crash
  • IPL Prediction
  • Red vs Black and more

Is Teen Patti Bindaas APK Safe?

Yes, Teen Patti Bindaas is a safe app for your device. But do bear in mind that you are still risking your money if you choose to deposit it into the app and play cash games. Other than that there are no risks at all.

How to Withdraw Money From Teen Patti Bindaas

You can easily withdraw your earnings from the Teen Patti Bindaas apk without having to submit your PAN card or bank account details. So you just have to enter your bank account details or UPI address to withdraw money.

The minimum withdrawal amount is just ₹100 and the amount will be credited to your account within 5 minutes once it has been approved.

Steps to Withdraw Money via UPI:

  1. Open the app and click Withdraw.
  2. Select your withdrawal method as UPI.
teen patti bindaas withdraw
  1. Now enter your name, UPI address and tap Save.
bind upi
  1. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit.

Steps to Withdraw Money via Bank Transfer:

  1. Open the app and click Withdraw.
  2. Select Chip to Bank.
  3. Tap +Bank Account.
  4. Now enter your account number, username, ifsc code, select bank name, and enter your email address.
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and submit.

Teen Patti Bindaas Latest Offers and Announcements

Keep Sharing Keep Winning Promo:

1. We will provide videos of our gaming applications and that will be shared to all applicable social invite to get extra media platforms it can be on Youtube, Instagram, Telegram and Facebook. reward 2. All members who wants to join will give them 100 rs daily they just need to upload the videos in the said social media platforms.

3. This sharing will be a daily event good for seven days and will ask the players or members to send Loss relief funds us the link for us to check if it is uploaded or shared as a proof.

4. If the member completes the daily sharing post within 7 days they will get additional reward.

Khush Janta Promo in Teen Patti Bindaas


Namaste Players here’s the privileges for all Members. Our Company has launched a new bonus event for the first deposit every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. The player who win the most money get the extra additional rewards. 1 HOUR LIMITED TIME and it will be during TUESDAY FRIDAY AND SUNDAY 4:30PM-5:30PM.


1. The players must have recharge amount minimum of 500

2.The players must sent the proof of payment to AGENT LINE WHATSAPP

3.The players and Agent must have 10 winning games continuosly played during KHUSH JANTA PROMO and if they win will give 5000 BONUS of their recharge amount. Minimum betting amount of 100 chips


5.The players should not have any violations in the game to qualify for the said winning amount

DISCLAIMER: STRICTLY no multiple accounts. Our Company has the right to Freeze your accounts once we detect that you have.

Invite to Get Rewarded in Teen Patti Bindaas App

There are major discounts for agency activities. As long as the lower-level members you invite, recharge and participate in the game, you will get a maximum of 30-10,000 rewards, and these rewards will be delivered to your account on time at 9 pm on the same day. Join now, become our agent, and win more rewards.

About event participation and details, contact online customers, get more help, more surprises, waiting for you to participate. These rewards will be delivered to your account on time at 9 pm on the same day. Join now, become our agent, and win more rewards.

Winning Tips:

Click the share button, copy the link, send it to your facebook, or send it to your whatsapp group or relatives and friends, let them download and join the game, after recharging, you can get rewards, and every day you will get 30% of his game rebates award.

New Rummy Bindaas Social Media Activity

Rules of this activity are as follows:

  1. Teen Patti Bindaas will provide videos of their platform that will be shared to all applicable social media platforms. It can be on YouTube, Telegram, and Facebook.
  2. If you participate in this activity, you will get ₹100 just for sharing the videos on the said social media platforms. You must have at least 3-5 referrals with 2-3 recharged referrals in order to get the reward.
  3. This sharing will be a daily event good for seven days and will ask the players and members to send the company the link as proof that you have shared the videos.
  4. If you complete the daily sharing post within 7 days, you will get additional rewards.

Teen Patti Bindaas Customer Care

WhatsApp Support Number: +639691168434

Be patient when you contact the customer care as they are busy and will resolve your issue when they have the time.

Teen Patti Bindaas Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get sign up bonus if I already have an account on Teen Patti Bindaas App?

Yes you can if you have not binded your mobile number. But if you have already bound your number than you can get the bonus on the same device because your account will be blocked. However, if you have a new phone and a new number than you can get the bonus on the new device by binding a new mobile number.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

It is ₹100. The minimum withdrawal amount is the same whether you are withdrawing your game winnings or referral earnings.

How many times can I withdraw in a single day in Teen Patti Bindaas Apk?

A limit like that has not been mentioned anywhere in the app. So I can’t be sure. But what I can tell you is that you can withdraw multiple times daily.

What is the size of the app?

The apk file size is around 40MB but after installation, the size will be almost 200MB and as you download more games the size will increase. So make sure that you have enough storage space on your device.

How much do I get per referral in Teen Patti Bindaas?

Well, there is no limit but you can earn ₹100 + 30% commission.

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