Qzaap Review: Why I Don’t Recommend Qzaap

qzaap review
Qzaap application review

Ever wanted to get paid for selecting YES or NO? Then Qzaap is for you. Qzaap is simple quiz based app which, besides increasing your knowledge, pays you.

What is Qzaap?

Qzaap is an android quiz app. It just has two options YES (tick) NO (X). For every correct answer, you earn 10points and and 5 points are deducted for every wrong answer.

You can redeem your points for PayTM cash.

How it Works:

Qzaap shows facts with two options below it, like the one in the screenshot below:

qzaap app quize answer
Qzaap screenshot

If the fact is correct tap on Yes if not tap on No. So, you just need to tap on either yes or no. You can also swipe right for Yes and left for No. You’ll earn 10 points for each correct and minus 5 points for each wrong answer.

You can change the category of facts by following these steps:

Tap one the 3 dots.

android app qzaap
Tap on profile>Setting>Select Category.
tap on profile in app
tap on profile
Select the category/categories which suit you. You can select more than 1 category or even all. Once you’re done tap Done button.
done button in qzaap
Tap on done button

    How Can I Earn?

    • By playing the quiz: For every right answer you’ll earn 10 points and you’ll lose 5 points for each wrong answer (5 points will be deducted).
    • Challenging: You can also earn points by challenging online users or friends. You’ll earn 50 points for every challenge you win & 50 points will be deducted for losing. To challenge online users follow these steps:

    This page will appear after you’ve answered a question. Tap on the Challenge button.

    how to challenge a user in qzaap

    From the pop-up select Challenge online users.

    online users
    select the red one

    Now, challenge whoever you want.

    challenge users to earn 50 points
    challenge users
    • Referral: Another way to earn points is, by referring your friends. For every friend that becomes your referral, you both get 5000 points! So, your friend has a reason to become your referral. You can find your referral code by clicking on Refer friend from 3 dots menu button.

    You can get your 5000 points by entering this code KWR3LE during registration.

    Point Conversion:

    5000 Points = Rs. 5
    1 point = Rs. 0.001

    So, for every right answer, you earn 0.001×10= Rs.0.01 and Rs. 5 for each referral.

    Why Qzaap is not Recommend:

    As you saw above, earning is extremely low. For every right answer, you just earn Rs. 0.010 and on top of it Rs. 0.005 is also deducted for wrong answers. It will take too much time earn 10,000 points. It’s better to spend your time on high paying apps like Swagbucks and Gifthunterclub.

    How to Earn More in Less Time on Qzaap:

    If you’re looking for any tricks or hacks, you are not going to find them here; because such tricks are meant to fool you.

    The only meaningful way of earning from Qzaap is referring. For every referral you get Rs. 5 (5000 points). It is way faster than answering those 10 point questions. Answering them is nothing more than a waste of your time.

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