MooCash Invitation Code(CBGXZI) & Review: Should you join it?

moocash invitation code

MooCash referral code: CBGXZI. |

Earlier, known as Moo Locker, MooCash is an app that pays you for installing apps & games, completing offers, and tasks. MooCash is one of the best and highest-paying money-making apps. And available for both iOS and Android.

Currently, you can get 20 bonus coins when you enter a referral code on sign up. You can get the bonus by entering my referral code: CBGXZI.

Getting Started with MooCash:

1. Download the Moocash app for Android or iOS.

2. Open the app, tap OK, and give the permissions.

3. View the slides or tap the “Earn Cash now” button.


5. Enter this invitation code: CBGXZI and tap OK.

6. Now sign up with your phone number or continue with Facebook.

Ways to Earn From MooCash:

There are a lot of ways to earn coins on MooCash. You can complete offers & surveys from their partners, complete tasks related to YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

Here, in this review, we’ll talk about all the ‘ways to earn from MooCash app’.

Install Apps:

Since it’s the simplest I had to put it first.

You’ll find all the app download offers listed below the ‘Install to Earn’ segment in the Offers section.

The reward is shown at the bottom of every app.

To complete these offers tap on the app that you want to install, and if there are further instructions a pop-up will appear with the steps to earn the reward, if not you’ll be asked to select a browser(select the stock browser). And after some redirects, you’ll be taken to the Play store.


In this segment, you’ll find tasks related to sites like YouTube, Facebook, Quora, TrustPilot, Pinterest, Reddit, SiteJabber, and more.

For example, under ‘Reviews’, you’ll see tasks that pay you for downloading apps (sometimes through VPN), rate the app 5 stars and write a positive review. For every app, the instructions are clearly given which you need to follow to get the reward.

Other than the app reviews, there are over 16 different types of tasks that you can complete.

Be sure to review that you fulfilled all the requirements of the task before submitting it. If your submission is rejected you’ll be charged 5 coins.

More Ways to Earn

Daily Gems:
You can claim 1 Gem Daily.

You can also earn Gems by watching videos(brand promotions, movie trailers, game previews, etc.) and. You will get 1 Gem for every  5 videos you watch.

But, the question is, what do you do with Gems?

Gems are used to play games on MooJoy. MooJoy is another app by the developers of MooCash- MooApps Fam- where you can play fun games with Gems and wins coins. These games include Lucky draw, Moo Runner(similar to the game you play in Chrome when the internet is not working), Space challenge, Big 7(spin to win) and more

Most of the games are gambling based. So, the more Gems you bet the more coins you can win.

Other than the above-mentioned methods, you can also earn 1Gems for each friend that enters your invite(referral) code. And when you sign up with this referral code- CBGXZI you’ll get 10 Gems to get you started.

Like, PrizeRebel and Swagbucks, MooCash publishes special codes called as MooCodes on its Facebook and Reddit handle. When you enter these codes certain amount of coins will be added to your account.

You can also get these codes when you enter into draws.

You can also earn from their partner offerwalls like AdscendMedia, TrialPay and Peanut Labs. Complete offers from any of them to earn more coins

Lucky Draws:

You know what this is. You pay some coins for each Ticket for a lucky draw where you can various items. The more tickets you buy the more your chances of winning are.

In MooCash lucky draws, you can win Cameras, Apple watch, Television, bitcoins, Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, iPad and much more.

The price for each ticket can go as high as 2,000 coins depending on the product.

Invite & Earn:

When your friends enter your invitation code or download and register with your referral link they get 20 Coins in MooCash and 10 Gems in MooJoy(they need to register on MooJoy separately to get the bonus gems).

And when they redeem you’ll get 10 Gems in addition to 10% of the number of coins they redeemed. Unfortunately, you’ll only earn from your referrals for a year.

You will also get 1 Gem when your friends enter your invitation code.

Rewards at MooCash:

MooCash has a lot of rewards that you can exchange for your coins. They are divided into 3 sections:

Cash & credit:
In this section, you can redeem your coins for PayPal cash, bitcoin, Skrill cash, Top-up and more.


here you will find power-ups for the MooJoy app. Like, you can exchange coins for Gems at the rate of 10 Coin = 1 Gem, buy VIP Membership.

Here are the benefits that you’ll get when you buy VIP Membership for MooJoy:

  • Extra free Gems daily
  • Extra gems for watching videos
  • Extra referral bonus
  • Higher gem bet(you will be able to bet more gems)
  • Practice mode to play without gems.

One month VIP membership costs 2,000 coins and 20,000 for a year.

Power-ups for Moocash only include VIP memberships packs.

Benefits of MooCash VIP membership:

  • Extra roaming clicks
  • Extra referral bonus
  • Priority cashout.

Cost of one-month membership is 5,000 coins. And 50,000 coins for a year membership.

So, should you buy VIP membership?
That’s is a bit difficult to answer as they don’t specify exactly how much extra gems/coins you will get as a VIP.

But the fact that you need to buy the membership separately for MooCash and MooJoy, makes the deal a NOPE for me.

You need to spend way too much on some unspecified “Extras”.

Minimum PayPal cash redemption is $3 for 3,000 coins

Is MooCash Legit?

Yes, MooCash is legit,

Should you join MooCash?

While it is true MooCash won’t make you rich but combined with MooJoy it is worthwhile. So, yes you should join MooCash.

But I wouldn’t recommend buying those VIP memberships.

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He is college student. And likes to write about money making apps, fantasy apps and other tech stuff.

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