Millionhere App review: Should You Join it?

millionhere app review

Millionhere is another app where you can play games, compete against other players and win cash.

But unlike most of the apps in this category, Millionhere contests are not free.

To participate in contests you’ll need to pay some entry fee. Your prize depends on your rank. The higher your score the better your rank.

How Millionhere Works:

First, you pay some entry fee to participate in a contest.

Then, depending on the contest you join, you’ll have a certain time limit and chances to play the game. Generally, the time limit is 30 minutes and you get 3 chances.

In the game, you just need to tap on the color matching the shown color. Faster you select the colors the higher you’ll score.

Other than then the cash contests there are contests where you can earn “Blings”. Blings are points that can be used join cash contests. These contests are free and are held daily.

30 Blings= Rs.10

Referral System:

For every user that signs up with your referral code, you will get 10 Blings and your referred friends will get 30 Blings.

Should You Join Millionhere? 


The app looks kind of shady. I have a hard time trusting an app that claims to make me a millionaire. Seriously? I’m gonna be a millionaire by playing games on your app? Yeah right, in a century.

Whoever came up with that must be out of their mind. That sounds like the worst bait ever.

And there’s only one stupid game.

So if you can master the game then you might have a chance. But if you can’t you’ll just be losing your money.

So I don’t recommend Millionhere.

Rating: 1 out of 5

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