Brandbassador Review: How to Earn with BRANDBASSADOR

brandbassador review

Brandbasador is an app where you can earn money by completing “missions” and making sales. But before I go deeper in this Brandbassador review, you should know that if you have a lot of followers on social media or visitors on your blog you can earn a good sum of $$$ with this app.

Don’t worry if you are not the one with thousands of followers, you will still be able to earn.

The Brandbassador app is available for iPhone, Android and can be accessed via a browser on PC.

Getting started with Brandbassador App:

1. Download the Brandbassador app for your device.
2. Open the app.
3. You can log in with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram or register with your email id.
4. After signing up, you need to link your social media accounts to Brandbassador. For each account you connect, you will earn 100 points.
5. Now you can start applying for brands.

How to Earn with Brandbassador:

It is basically an affiliate marketing platform where you can become a brand ambassador of one or multiple brands and earn money for completing various tasks known as “Missions” and selling the brand’s products.

But before you can start earning you need to apply for each brand that you want to endorse. Once your application has been approved you can start earning.

I recommend you to connect all your social media accounts to the Brandbassador app. And if you have a blog you can add it too but the approval process takes longer to link a blog.

You will have a better chance of getting approved by brands if you have a lot of followers and connect all the social media accounts. Some missions are specifically for certain social networking services like Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Once you have been approved by a brand you can complete the missions for that brand and start earning.

Missions include tasks such as liking/commenting/sharing an Instagram post, following a brand making a certain number of sales and more.

You can also earn for sharing your favorite product.mdmdjdjdjdhshhdhdjdhx

So what do you get for completing these missions?

You can earn points or cash or gift cards(of the same brand) for the missions. Points are used to determine your level. And as your level increases, you’ll earn more commission per sale.

There are 4 Brandbassador levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Some missions also have freebies as rewards. Like the one in the below screenshot:

But these have limited freebies so you have to be quick.

Affiliate Marketing:

This is the primary way to earn from the app. As you might have already guessed you can only make sales for the products of brands that have accepted you as their Brandbassador(brand ambassador).

Brandbassador also lets you create your unique discount codes for the customers that you send to the brands.

You can use, either a unique discount code or tracking link to track your sales. Different brands offer a different commission on sales and discounts offered for discount codes also vary.

For example, you can earn 15% commission for sales on Arvo. And create your discount code to offer a 15% discount to the visitors who enter it and while also earning the specified commission.

Payment Methods:

You can withdraw the cash earned through sales and missions to either your bank account or Payoneer.

You can withdraw your cash anytime.

You can also transfer your cash to a gift card reward which generally has greater value.

Brandbassador Review: Conclusion

Brandbassador is a great affiliate program for social media influencers and blogging to earn money by making sales completing tasks. Bloggers can also get for writing about a product depending on the niche.

Brandbassador is a USA based app, so almost all the brands have originated there. That also means that you’ll need US followers/visitors to make a greater amount of sales. Some brands do support global delivery.

If you’re are from the USA you’ll have a better chance of making sales and more earning opportunities.

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