Yodo: Get Cash Rewards For Walking (Invitation code:83GFS)

yodo app invitation code

Yodo lets you earn cash rewards for staying healthy. For every goal, you achieve you will get cash rewards.

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How Yodo App Works:

Yodo records your walking and running data and every time you reach a target you get to claim cash rewards.

Invite and Earn:

You can also invite your friends and earn more. Your friends will also get an additional cash reward when they enter your referral code.

Enter this Yodo invitation code: 83GFS.

You will find your invite code in the Invite Friends tab.

How to Invite Friends:

1. Share your invitation code with your friend

2. Friend fills your invitation code while registering

3. You get an invitation reward


  1. Every day you can get up 5 cash rewards as a result of successful invitations.
  2. Amount of invitation cash reward is fluctuating and now is Rs. 2.
  3. Your friend will get Rs.1 special rewards additional to rewards for new user
  4. The charge of SMS for invitation depends on the charging policy of telecom you choose.
  5. You can get invitation reward only once from one friend’s successful registration. Same Yodo account number or same mobile phone number or same mobile device for logging on Yodo will be viewed as the same one Yodo user
  6. It is not allowed to get rewards if one is taking improper actions, including but not limited to malicious bulk registration, false user registration, etc. Yodo preserves the right to freeze and withdraw the issued cash, disable the abnormal account and also the right to sue if the illegal behaviors are proved.
  7. If the user cannot enter the invitation code due to the nonreal name authentication of the mobile phone account, the user is deemed to have automatically waived the qualification of the invitation reward.
  8. To the extent permitted by law, Yodo keeps the right to interpret this activity.


You can’t withdraw cash from your Yodo wallet. However, you can use it to recharge your mobile phone.

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