Which Yoga pose is named after this reptile? Amazon Quiz Answer

Q: Which Yoga pose is named after this reptile?

– Balasana

– Kurmasana

– Bakasana

– Uttanasana

Answer: ✅ Kurmasana

Which Yoga pose is named after this reptile?


Kurmasana is a yoga pose, also known as the tortoise pose. “Kurma” in Sanskrit means “tortoise” and “asana” means “pose”.

To practice Kurmasana, one should start in a seated position with the legs stretched out in front. Then, the feet are brought closer to the body, and the knees are bent. The arms are then slid underneath the knees, and the palms are placed flat on the ground, with the fingers pointing towards the feet. The chin is tucked in towards the chest, and the forehead is brought down towards the floor. Finally, the legs are straightened, and the torso is lowered down towards the floor, with the arms and hands acting as support.

Kurmasana is considered an intermediate to advanced level pose and requires flexibility in the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders. It is believed to have many benefits, including stretching and strengthening the spine, hips, and legs, improving digestion and elimination, and calming the mind. Additionally, it is said to activate the throat chakra, which can aid in communication and self-expression. As with all yoga poses, it is important to practice Kurmasana under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher and to listen to your body’s limitations.

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