CryptoTab Review: Is This Free BTC Miner Worth It?

cryptotab review

CryptoTab is a Bitcoin miner which is available as a browser extension and browser. It lets you earn/mine free Bitcoins without doing anything.

I know, it sounds sketchy.

I was skeptical at first too actually I still am. That’s why I don’t use the CryptoTab browser to access my social media accounts or other sites that might contain sensitive data about me.

But a plus point is that Antivirus don’t mark CryptoTab for any dangerous activity.

CryptoTab browser is available for Windows, MacOS, and Android while its extension is available for all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera.

What is Bitcoin? 
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user-to-user on the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries. -Wikipedia

How To Mine/Earn Bitcoins with CryptoTab:

CryptoTab is a BTC mining application. It mines Bitcoins while it’s running and connected to the Internet.

Bitcoin mining is a pretty complex & boring process & equally tedious to read about. But if you want to find more about Bitcoin mining visit

To start mining Bitcoins with CryptoTab you need to download its extension or browser. I recommend the browser as it offers faster hash rate(up to 8x) and you don’t have to worry about your data being stolen from your primary browser. On my Laptop extension gives a maximum speed of 19 H/s while the browser goes as high as 90 H/s.

After you download the browser you will be given a quick tour and prompted to sign up.

You can easily register an account with your Gmail address.

After registration, all you need to do is open the “Dashboard” web page and adjust the speed as per your PC specifications.

The speed at which your computer can mine depends on its power. More powerful computers can mine at higher speed. That’s why there are special hardware devices to mine Bitcoins.

I have a Laptop with the following specifications:

-6 GB of RAM
-Intel i5 Processor

And I can mine at 70-90 hash/s depending on the resources available.

Mining speed is faster when the browser is in front.

You will be able to mine faster or slower based on your PC.

Accumulation of bitcoins occurs every 10 minutes. 

You can boost your earnings by installing and running the CryptoTab browser on multiple devices and building your network.

CryptoTab browser is available for Android devices running 4.4 or higher.

Although as you might have already guessed, the mining rate will be slow on phones and Tabs. Around 10-50 Hash/s.

Network/Referral Building:

You can boost your earnings by referring users to CryptoTab and adding them to your mining-network.

mining network

CryptoTab Mining Network includes up to 10 levels of referrals. It means you will earn from your referrals, their referrals, referrals of their referrals and so on. There’s no limit on the number of referrals that you can have.

Is CryptoTab Legit? 

According to the reviews, NetBusinessRating and BeerMoneyForum CryptoTab is a legit Bitcoin mining app.

As for my opinion, I haven’t reached the redemption threshold yet. Because I don’t run the miner often due to the amount of memory it consumes which slows down my work speed as I’m accustomed to multitasking.

And mining speed is too slow & the value of Bitcoin is on a steep fall.

Payment Methods & Minimum Payout:

Payment threshold is 0.00001 BTC.

You can redeem your earnings to any bitcoin wallet.

In addition, if you want to convert Bitcoins to any other cryptocurrency you like, you can create a wallet in any trading platform that supports Bitcoins like Bittrex (, a global leading blockchain trading platform, accept your Bitcoins to your trading platform wallet and exchange Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies.


  • No effort required 
  • Can run on multiple devices simultaneously


  • Slow mining
  • Slows down processing speed and eats a lot of physical memory 
  • High battery consumption 


CryptoTab would have been a great option for BTC mining a year ago when 1 Bitcoin was worth $15,000 more or less. But now the value of Bitcoins is decreasing day by day.

For clear perspective see the graph below:
bitcoin market price chart
It is clear that Bitcoins no longer have the fire in them. Some investors are also claiming that BTC might crash to ZERO!

Another drawback of CryptoTab is the memory consumption and in turn high battery drainage. And considering how slow the process of mining is you will probably paying more in electricity bills than earning Bitcoins.

You can boost your earnings by expanding your mining network. But why would they be wasting their time on it?

I don’t recommend CryptoTab.

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