Best AC Remote Control Apps For Android 2023

Sometimes you need an AC remote control app on your phone, when you don’t to look for the remote since it keeps getting lost.

For your home the AC remote control app on your phone can come from your AC company if your AC connects to WiFi. But not all AC units are wifi supported in that case you will require a phone that has an IR blaster like most Redmi phones.

Some AC Remote Control apps work by connecting to your WiFi for WiFi enabled AC’s and others will just use the IR blaster on your phone.

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AC Remote Control Apps List

1. Ac Remote Control App: Mi Remote

ac remote control app android

Mi Remote is one of the most versatile universal remort not just for Mi Phones but for all Android devices.

You can use this app to control you TV, AC, Set-top box, etc. from your phone.

Just download the application and select the device and model you want to set up the Mi Remote for.

How to Use Mi Remote to Control AC?

  1. Open the Mi Remote app on your device that has IR blaster.
  2. On the home screen, tap on the “AC” icon.
  3. Select the brand of your AC from the list of brands displayed. If your brand is not listed, try searching for it in the search bar at the top of the screen.
  4. Once you have selected your brand, select the model of your AC from the list of models displayed.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the connection between the app and your AC. This may involve pointing your Xiaomi device’s IR sensor at the AC’s IR receiver or connecting to your AC via Wi-Fi.
  6. Once the connection is established, you can use the app to control various functions of your AC, such as turning it on/off, adjusting the temperature, changing the fan speed, and more.

2. Ac Remote Control App: AC Remote – Air Conditioner

AC Remote – Air Conditioner app specialises in AC’s only. So unlike the Mi Remote app which gives you the option to control various devices, with this app you can only control your AC. That also means that it has less steps to configure the app and more number of supported brands and models.

How to Use AC Remote to Control AC?

  • Step1-Add Your AC Remote Brands or Models
  • Step2-Tap the Test Buttons to Check the Universal AC Remote Control
  • Step3-Setting Your Universal Remote AC Remote
  • Step4-Use Your AC Controller to Control Air Conditioner

3. Ac Remote Control App: Remote AC Universal

Remote AC Universal is another application for Android phones that you can use to control ACs from many brands like Samsung, Voltas, Hitachi an more.

Just download the app and then select the brand and model of the AC and you are all set.

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