Zupee Referral Code: Play Trivia & Live Quiz & Win Cash

zupee referral code
Zupee Referral Code: p16o9xe

Zupee is an android live trivia & quiz app where you can win real cash by answering questions.

There are two variants of this app: 1. Zupee and 2. Zupee Gold.

You can download Zupee from the Google Play Store but the Gold version is only available at zupee.in. The difference between the two apps is that on Zupee you’ll only find free quiz tournaments while on Zupee Gold there are both paid and free tournaments.

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How To Get Zupee Referral Code Bonus:

1. Download the Zupee Gold app from here.

2. Install and open the app.

3. Log in with your Google account.

4. You'll get two tickets. You can use these tickets to join paid tournaments for free.
5. Go to Profile section and submit your Paytm number.

6. Now from the menu go to the "Refer and Earn" section and enter this referral code: p16o9xe
7. Submit and you'll get Rs. 5.
refer successful

Zupee Tournaments:

Tournaments on Zupee app are free to join. These tournaments have 3-7 questions which you need to answer correctly as fast as possible. The faster your response the higher your score.

There are also sports-prediction tournaments. The questions in these types of tournaments are about the things that can happen in the match.

Once you select a tournament you can view information like, start time, prize distribution, players, prize pool, etc.
zupee gold tournament
To join the selected tournament hit the Register button at the bottom. You can play the quiz when the timer hits zero.

On Zupee you can play tournaments on topics like geography, Bollywood, sports, maths, English, comics and more.

Zupee Gold Tournaments:

Tournaments on Zupee Gold are the same as Zupee. The difference is that these are paid tournaments. You need to deposit cash from your Paytm wallet to join.

You can also play tournaments with tickets that you get on sign up.

The prize pool of tournaments on Zupee Gold is bigger.

Refer & Earn:

referral code
refer and earn

You can earn more Paytm cash from Zupee by sharing your referral code with your friends.

When your friends enter your referral code in the Zupee Gold app you they get Rs. 5.

You will get Rs. 5 when your referred user wins a tournament. Yow will get Rs. 10 more when your referral deposits Rs. 10 in the first transaction. Your referral will also get Rs. 10 if the transaction is made using code: WIN10

You will also get 3 tickets for every referral.

Enter this referral code to get Rs. 5: p16o9xe

Question Factory:

You can also earn by submitting questions across various categories.

1. To submit question go to Question Factory section in the app and tap Add.

2. Select the topic in which you want to submit questions.

3. Enter the Question and options. The correct option should be in the green bracket.

4. For every approved question you will earn Rs. 0.3


You can withdraw your winnings to your Paytm wallet.

Minimum Payout: Rs. 50


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